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You can only attach one of the EZ-cameras to the EZ-B V4 board.

There are other ports for communication on the board, such as i2c and serial, but I would recommend finding a good wifi camera and use it along with the EZ-camera. The computer is what is doing the processing of the data, and as long an you have a wifi connection between the camera and the computer, you should be fine.


@d.cochran: how about IP cam to add more cameras in EZB board...


Yes, as long as it is a wifi IP camera then you will be okay. May I ask why you want to add two?

It wouldn't be adding it to the EZ-B but to ARC, which would be where you are controlling your robot from. You could power it off of the EZ-B probably. I know I saw a video where DJ was doing this.


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To just echo what's already been said. You can only use 1 EZ robot camera with 1 board. You can however use as many cameras as you like with ARC.

Ip cams work fine, provided you know the url for the jpeg stream.

Any other camera that works in Windows should also work.

EZ Robots plan to release a stand alone wifi camera shortly too.

Hope that helps. If d.cochran answered your question OK please give him the credit (don't give it to me in this instance, I've only echoed what he said).


We have a wifi camera being released soon. With it, you can add as many cameras as you wish.


@d.cochran: thank you and to the other people who help...:)

i will use the EZ-camera to guide my robot or a line follower.. the second camera is for color/shape recognition...

@Rich: thx, your post gave more idea to me...:)

@DJSures: like when? 'cuz im very excited for that...:D

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is this wifi cam going to be out soon ?


not far out - i have the prototype on my desk. Maybe another month:)


So, in EZ-B time, that is 6 to 7 weeks? ;)

Nothing ever seems to happen as quickly or easily as you plan. Happens to me all the time...



He has to go to the Cabin....... LOL