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Ezb4 How To Work With 7.2 - 8.4 Volt Servos?


Anyone can help to answer my question that Ezb4 how to work with 7.2 - 8.4 volt servos?

I brought 2 big servos and it need 7.2-8.4 voltage power. But ezb4 just provide 5 voltages. So, I brought "meanwhile" 7.5 volt external power supply. So, what can I do to make and connect it work?

Thanks for your attention!

Ricky Ma


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Read up on amps. Read the data sheets. Read up on what regulated vs unregulated current means. Use the search features of this site. Google is also a powerful tool.

The digital ports on the v4 are unregulated. If you are getting 5v out of the digital ports, you are only putting 5v into the EZB V4.
Hong Kong

Thanks for your answer!

Sorry! Maybe I did not explain my question clearly!

I use external 7.5volt power supply work with ezb4. But ezb4 just provide the current voltage is max. 5 voltage. If 7.5 volt big servo connected with Ezb4, it should be not enough power to work.

Anyone can help and tell me any methods can make it work with ezb?

Thanks for attention!
B. Regards
Ricky Ma:)
The EZ-B will supply out of the digital ports what is put into the EZ-B. If you put in 12V, the digital ports will put out 12V. If you put in 7.5V, the digital ports will put out 7.5V. If you put in 5V, it will put out 5V. These are unregulated ports.

What port is the servo plugged into?
Hi Ricky,

The old EZB v3 would provide 5v dc at the digital and analog pins red and black. The new EZB v4 lets the voltage flow directly through from the power supply to the digital red and black pins. So if your feeding a V4 with 7.5 you should be getting that voltage at the digital port power pin.

Now if your using a EZB V3 that's a whole different thing. You can feed your servo directly from the pos and neg of the power supply and then run the signal (white) of the ezb's digital port to the servo's signal wire. You can still run the 7.5 feed to the EZB v3 to feed it because it's rated to accept that voltage. ;)
Hong Kong
Appreciated for your reply!

Hi Dave,
One more question! Is it ezb4 can support different voltage servo between 5-12V and auto to adjust the voltage current if I use the 12v external power supply put in ezb4?

Really appreciated your help!

Ricky Ma :)
no, what is passed into the EZB will be passed out all digital ports. if you need different voltages for different servos, you can either power them directly as long as there is a common ground, or regulate them as they come off of the EZB before they get to the servos to reduce it for that servo to 5v.
Hong Kong

Thanks for everyone to help!
I understood now ;)

Ricky Ma