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Ezb4 Controller Run 17 Dof Bo

Can the e3dv4 controller run a 17 dof bot?thanks trying to post on this site is a real pain in the but


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@Twizard2017 Absolutely... JD has 18 servos and runs no problem.... I assume you are talking about regular sized servos and not giant size like the Hitec 805bb giant scale servo... Here's a link to the ezb4 data sheet... EZB4 Data sheet


Well Mb I should say is there software that download able to the e3dv4 that can controll a 17 dof bot such as the sainsmrt 17dof.want to use all mg996r servos


The ezb4 will do what you want easily ... However to clarify, software Is Not downloaded to the ezb like it is with the arduino.... All software and code remains on your PC or mobile device (which do all the heavy lifting)... The ezb4 is controlled in real time via these devices (over wifi)... In a sense the ezb4 is just a puppet doing what your PC or mobile device tells it to do... This is what makes the ez robot platform so much more powerful than the arduino ....


Just to add to this, there are 24 digital ports per EZ-B V4 controller. Each of these can support a digital servo. You can have 255 EZ-B controllers working together, meaning that you can have 6,120 DoF. Now, the EZ-B can also control other servo driver boards off of serial ports and the like, meaning that you could add an additional 8,160 DoF. 14,280 or so DoF would be the limit that I can see.

Now, with that being said, you should probably provide a lot of external power to the 14,280 servos. They might cause a brownout...

I agree with Richard in that 17 DoF shouldn't be a problem.


So what u r saying that there is download able programs on the ez robot cloud that will allow me to run a 17 dof bot without writing thw code to do so


@Twizard2017 Not specifically for your bot, but there is lots of sample code especially for the ez robot Six (which would get you started)... However, since programming is so easy once you get the hang of the software (ARC) you'll be able to have your bot moving around I would say within an hour or so... Then the fun really begins.... :)


@RICHARDR-JD has 18 servos?

Im sure you meant 18 rgb led's? ;)

Mine will have 21, if the ezb can handle 24 all up, then 19 wouldn't be a problem after reading the specs on it.

2 servos for the shoulders will be 280deg capable of course, i still dont see that as being a problem.