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Resolved Resolved by Steve G!

Ezb-Info In Tab

i get an error when i connect with the window ezb info.ez builder craches
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United Kingdom
Is the connection information correct? This would indicate that ARC is receiving invalid information so naturally you'd assume you are not communicating with an EZ-B V4 but possibly some other device.

dumb question how can i see if the connection info is correct.
United Kingdom
Funny, if had something similar over the past few days. Usually it's when I disconnect an EZ-B, then the debug message repeatedly pops up. This happens on two different old projects I regularly use and nothing has changed. When the EZ-B connects again, the message stops. Doesn't seem to be causing me any issues so I haven't given it a second thought.
ok thanks bolt

the ezbv connect but i cant play sound or choose ezbv info.
i can also only connect to win8.
i dont think its an conection error,it connect without the ezb info window.
what els can i look for
United Kingdom
So when you delete the v4 info control, do you still get the message?
when i delete window ezbv info it stays connect
United Kingdom
What happens if you start a new ARC project, add the b4 info control and connect your EZ-B. Does it do the same thing?

I guess you could always try reinstalling ARC too to see if it makes any difference.
yes i try original from dj whithout change any,still same.
whithout the ezb info window averything is perfect.
i delete and redownload ne ARC,still same.
moment i make a video
ok you where right.i took a new project and all problems where gone.

thank you steve g

United Kingdom
That's great. I'm glad you got it sorted. Looks like there was a temporary glitch with a corrupt project or something.