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Ezb V4 Wifi Controller Failed Again. This Is My Second Ezb That Has Failed. An

Back in Dec, 1024 I received an EZB that worked for about 4 hours, then it stopped talking on boot up and would not connect to Wifi.

I just bought another one and it has done the same thing? This is very frustrating, not only does it cost me 20.00 to ship back, it stops my projects. confused stress

Has anyone else had this issue?

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@Merne... Sorry to hear that... I have 8 ezbs... with the exception of a port failure on one of them all have been rock solid so far...

When you mean stop talking, maybe it is just the speaker (contacts)?... Does it function normally otherwise? If it is just a sound problem you can remove the back of the ezb and access the speaker. From there you might be able to adjust the speaker contacts to get you sound back...

*** EDIT*** sorry re-read your post... so it's not just the sound... Does the leds flash? If it is completely dead, have you checked the main fuse?...

If the ezb was overloaded the onboard polyfuse will need time to reset before the ezb functions properly again...


Hi Richard, The lED's flash on boot up and I get a blue flash and I can connect to the Wifi from my computer and I get an IP address so my laptop says. I can not connect with EZ-Windows. I do not believe I have over loaded the EZB. I am just using one port testing my servos. on a 6VDC SLA battery.

I have tried the reset button several time, no luck.

How long do you have to wait for the onboard polyfuse to reset if that is the issue, not sure.

I have other EZB's and am very happy with them. If it was just the one EZB I RMAed it would be a fluke, but two, I get frustrated.



Is your other ezb (the good one) in WP or Client mode? Check the speaker anyway, it's possible the no sound and inability to connect might be 2 separate problems...


Sorry to say that you are obviously doing something to damage the ez-b. Can you be more specific on what you are connecting to it so we can help prevent this from happening?

If you're using the EZ-B for Revolution robots - then operation is pretty self explanatory in the LEARN section.

If you are building a robot from scratch and connecting your own motors and devices to it, you can easily damage the EZ-B by connecting something incorrectly.

Tell us about your wire schematic on your custom robot and we can help prevent damaging more ezbs

Under the plastic shell of the EZ-B is a PCB. The pins of the EZ-B are connected to an ARM microcontroller. If incorrect voltage is applied to the pins, or the pins are shorted, you will damaged the EZ-B... As you are experiencing.


My working EZBs are in AP Mode and work fine. I have checked the speaker and the 2 springs are connected to the gold dots on the board. I have also used different power supply's not luck. Also, when I scan for IP's it never find one using EZ-windows "connect button" Even though I go to status in my Wifi and it says the IP of

I wish it was that easy to fix, I am afraid I will have to ship it back for an RMA. :(


Again, please explain what you are connecting to your EZ-B by providing either one of these two answers

  1. Which EZ-Robot Revolution are you connecting? (Six, JD, Roli)

  2. If this is a custom robot, please provide a schematic.

The EZ-B does not simply "fail", much like your phone processor does not just "fail" - or your PC processor just "fail". It has something to do with what is connected... Specifically since you claim to have two failed. The processor in the EZ-B is a genuine STM32 ARM processor. If it is overloaded or shorted, the processor will be damaged - as what you are experiencing.

Please provide details on what Revolution Robot you are using -or- a schematic of your custom robot.


DJ, I am using standard servo, nothing special, MG996R's. Connecting the 3 pins to the board, black to black, red to red, white to white. The servos are pre wired. I am not miss using the EZB. Like I said I am using a 6VDC SLA battery.

What I was doing is disconnecting the EZB several times when I was not calibrating the servos I am using. This should not cause issues.

Way am I not having issues with my other EZBs? Doing the same thing with them and they work fine. Except I have 30 servos connected and using 2 boards.


I am building a second Inmoov, like my first.


Perhaps you accidently connected the SLA battery backward briefly.


@DJ, I am not sure you have time but examine my EZB I sent in for warranty, RMA 20 this is the first one that failed. If I am doing something wrong I would like to know.

Please understand I am not digging your product, I love the EZB Just having issues with 2 now. I have not have any issues before with the EZBV3's or my first 2 EZB V4's and I am not doing anything different now. Just using standard servos.

Thank you.


@DJ. No, because I have the EZ-robot plug, from EZ-robot, connected to the wires + and - on the plug and Neg to Neg (black) on the Battery and I only disconnect the RED wire from the + side of the battery to disconnect the EZB.

Anyway just bummed I have never had an issue before.


Merne, if I may offer build advice. As with any custom project I suggest to well document everything you do , take picture of everything and document and follow your wiring plans , aka "schematic". If you do so we can often find potential problems before you even power your ezb on for the first time.

Check and double check and document everything. The more we know about your project as you go , the more helpful we can be. Waiting till there is a problem requires us to ask probing questions and reconstruct what may have happened in reverse. I have done tech support for 8 years and what I find is 90 percent of the time a customer makes a small error setting up they don't realize it up until after the point of trouble shooting. It is a tough lesson to learn but

  1. Documentation as you build
  2. Pictures of every change
  3. Wiring schematics before you make your first connection will help you figure things out on paper and save your ezb's life!

Not to get the ass here, I do document and take pictures of every thing I do.
Using my ezb for 4 hours checking each servo before I do the final fit and connecting the servo(s) then power up the board each time the same way, I guess I am just dumb and don't know what I am doing. I my not know scripting as good as most on this board. I know when I make an error and will admit to that error.

I did not overload, connect it wrong, backwards,ect!

Thanks for the tips to an idiot!


I don't think anyone is calling you an idiot. It can be frustrating to get advice that does not remedy the issue but on the bright side it narrows down what the issue is and is not.

At this point does the unit power on with nothing connected and try to connect (plays the chimes)? Have you attempted to reset the unit and connect in ap mode?


Hi @merne,

I was wondering if you could check 2 things:

  1. Please check the servo you were using for testing maybe with a servo tester or something equivalent to see is the servo itself might be causing the issues.

  2. Please try replacing your green and black 2.1mm barrel plug, if you are in a high current situation (over 6 servos) those connectors cannot handle the current and can brownout your circuit.


@merne... For sure you're not an idiot... You have already built one awesome inMoov... If anyone can help you diagnose this Jeremie can. I know this sucks, but like all things you'll get this worked out dude....

What plans do you have for the second inMoov? Anything special build wise?:)


@Merne , I apologize , I assure you I did not mean my planning / documentation advice to imply anything negative. It is just a " best practice" that could help. If you did document and make schematics then seeing them may help us get to your resolution quicker.


I noticed something different about that battery , is it a 6 volt SLA?

If the battery is only 6 volts it may be dropping below the "low voltage" threshold and browning out , even with a small load.


Merne I feel your pain! Mine just let the Magic smoke out on Friday. It was kinda funny to see smoke coming out of his head. I won't even bother sending mine in due to a couple modifications ie amplifier mod and removing deans power connector and replacing with wire that I made. And yes the unit ran for a couple months after the mods so nothing was done "wrong". I was actually using the robot when it happened , moving around the house. No telltale signs of what burnt on the bottom board but you sure can smell it. Is it possible to order just the bottom half of the ezb4? Either way I will be ordering another one and modify it again. Good luck !


@Josh (good point about the battery)... The SLA could be low... Occam's Razor rules sometimes...


@kamaro, start your own thread , post pics. Also unscrew the four screws from the bottom of the base and it will split apart. There is a small circuit board with a fuse and dean's connection. Remove the ezb.... Check the fuse first with a meter on the continuity setting.


Josh apparently you didn't read my post. Thanks but not asking for assistance, just relaying my experience


Ok bottom half as in the ezb itself not the power base , sorry



I tested the same battery and servo on my other ezb 4 and my ezb 3 and everything works.

I get no red light and no chime on the ezb 4.

Hello, I will try to explian.  When this happened ro rma my new one just two days ago iI was opening a servo take out the pot put the servo togther coonnect. That servo to the ezb  plug the battery in on the ezb then test the servo to set the pot.  Disconnect power to the ezb then disconnect the servo.    fix my servo in my part of my robot amd start again with a new servo.  Dd the same proecc over to test the servo on the robot.  I never had more then one servo connected to the ezb.  So unpluging and repowering the ezb over 4 hours.

Again I do not need a diagram to test a servo with the pot out and only one servo is connect to the ezb.

At this point I am opening a warranty.


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@jeremin, my phone changed you name, last message is for you


Hi @merne

No red light and no chime means that unfortunately the ARM chip on the ez-bv4 main board is damaged. These are the same symptoms as the previous board from you that we have examined here at ezrobot HQ. @Aislinn should be able to give you some resolution tomorrow via a direct email.


@Josh, hey sorry for getting this late reply. I apologize for my hot headedness. I know you might well and you are right about documentation.

all of you guys and gals are always helpful on this board. I just took it personal and shouldn't have.


Have to say jeremie because it was the ARM. Thanks


Ha, ha... @Merne things could be worse my friend... you could be having the problems Nomad is having again.... That boy is just one big lab accident... :D We love you nomad....:)

PS... And there is no need to apologise we understand your frustration...



that boy?am 51 years old...... your explanations and using words can much better. :)