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Ezb V4 Red Light Flashing And Saying Left

Hello Everyone, my Ezb v4 recently has been flashing red while connected to ARC and saying "LEFT".

I have tried disconnecting and connecting again a few times, it stops then comes back. Still runs scripts just fine, but not sure what im missing.

Any help is appreciated Thanks :)


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Not sure I can help or not but first do you have anywhere in any of your scripts sayezb left? Second are you sure you have a fully charged battery and good wifi connection? Does this happen when moving a bunch of servos suddenly, possible brownout condition?


I'm with the same suggestion. The red led is flashing because data is being sent to it, which means the ezb is functioning correctly. The fact that you do not need to reset the ezb also means it is functioning correctly.

What is causing the confusion is the project. You can share the project here for someone to help preview it for you. It does sound like there is an infinite loop where your project says "left"

Please post your project and perhaps someone will take a look at it for you and provide assistance to debug it.


Looks like it was a script that I overlooked.

Thank you both very much. :)