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Ezb V4 Injection Molded Shell

Will EZ Robot be offering a EZB V4 hard case cover in the store? I do remember seeing one on DJ's parts video a few weeks ago. I'd like to replace the 3d printed one that came with my v4. If so, any idea what they will cost?


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Good question Dave... I would be interested in buying a couple of replacement cases too. I find the plastic (PLA I think) extremely brittle (couple of screw holes are broken, one must of broke during assembly because it came that way)....


My 3D printed parts are holding up well... I do think that they should make the ez-b case available separate though.


Everyone who has the first shipment of 3d printed parts can certainly Contact Us for the injection molded case.


Ya, 2 years later and I'm still stalling and had not gotten around to asking for new cases. Typical me. Way to much going on and way to little time. LOL.

I hope I can still get a few Injection Molded shells (EZB case only, Not the power base). I have just now taken the time to use the "Contact Us" .Hopefully there's a way to still get new EZB shells. It's really cool to have a slice of EZ Robot history in these 3D printed shells but the screw posts have all broken off and I cant keep the top connected to the bottom. tired

I'm a little embarrassed it's taken me so long to ask. Sorry. LIfe is too busy I guess. blush I started to upgrade my four V4/1 EZB's (probably from the first lot ever shipped out) to the new V4/2 board and discovered my brain fart of forgetting to get this taken care of. Now would be a good time to do both the upgrade and replace the shell as I have a lot going on in the B9 Robot they are controlling. I'm fully ready to pay for the new shells if this option is available at all. :) We'll see what the Help Desk has to say in their reply next week. This being a weekend I hope they're home with their family and enjoying life. ;)


Four shells you need? I'll have them sent Monday


You guys are the best! Thanks. I'll be happy to pay shipping. Let me know how much.


I just wanted to update and close my part of this thread. I've recived my replacement cases in the mail from EZ Robot and they are perfect. Thanks DJ for your personal touch. As usual your approach to customer service is amazing and better then any other business I've dealt with. Thank you!:D