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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!

Ezb V4 Disconnects Every Time I Begin Adding Frames


For some reason, JD disconnects from the network each time I begin adding frames using the real time update.

Any thoughts?


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How are you powering it? If it is the battery, is it fully charged? Disconnects are most often caused by brown outs due to low battery problems...
Hello Richard,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, JD is fully charged using the internal battery.

Another problem I'm having:

When I first received my JD, I contacted EZ-Robot support because when connecting to the example actions, he would violently jerk and twist. The neck servo broke the second time I executed (EZ-Robot quickly shipped out a replacement).

Jeremie provided information about calibrating & fine tuning the servos and although completing the steps did improve performance quite a bit, I am still getting a violent spasm when executing the actions on the 1st exe. only. All additional executions work fine.

Any thoughts?
You can set servo speed as you wish... But that won't be set until the servos make their first position move, then the servo speed settings will take effect. When you first connect make sure you have his first connection pose (if you will) set so that all the servos are at 90... This should have JD standing straight (assuming he is calibrated correctly).

How new/good is your router? I assume you are connecting in client mode based on your first post?
My router is only a few weeks old. We have the fastest residential internet Comcast offers, I never have any issues with connectivity on any other device.

I just put together a quick video showing the spasm issue: http://www.screencast.com/t/5vphNsQCC2N0 . Please review to see if you can point out what I am doing wrong. I show my settings and JD reacting to execution.

Video of JD Spasm
Holly cow.... I wasnt expecting him to jump like that!

Thats what i call "Bust a move" we need another dance off contest Your robot can do the break dancing :-)
@brw_racing - LOL - you are right, that is a "break" dance. He has already broken his neck busing a move.
Recently the disconnecting has not been an issue. Only the spasm on 1st execution remains. Should I make a new forum post for the spasm issue since the topic is different?
Yes you should then it will be easier to reference later. Mark this one resolved if it has been. I think I know how you can stop the" stop up spasm".