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Ezb V.4 Specs

Since the EZB is now starting to ship to some of us could we get a few specs.
Things like.
How many volts for input.
I thought I read that there is not a regulator on it so what you put in is what you get out?
Is that true?
What would the best input voltage be, I assume 5 volts for the servos?
How many amps does it put out safely?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
The last thing I need is to fry this baby!

If this info is on the website and I missed it sorry.



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WhAt you put in you get out,yes.
Uart and some other ports are regulated but digital is all in voltage.
United Kingdom
Vcc of all digital ports will be the same as Vin. Signal will be 5v however very limited current (as previously).

Recommended input voltage will vary depending on your project. If you plan to run mainly 5v servos then a 5v input is ideal. If you plan to run 16 7.2v servos, 2 5v sensors and a couple of LEDs then 7.2v input voltage is ideal and then regulators for the 2 5v sensors. If you plan to run 1 7.2v servo, 6 5v sensors, 4 5v servos and 3 LEDs then 5v would be best with an external supply for the 7.2v servo. etc. etc. etc.

ADC ports are 5V from what has been mentioned on the site so far.
I2C is 5V too.

All voltages at all pins I will test once my V4 arrives.

As far as current goes, this is dependent on the trace sizes. DJ or Jeremy will probably be the only ones who know this. It's not something I can measure once mine arrives. I could estimate it by looking at the traces however it may not be accurate.

I plan to do a lot of testing and messing around with mine when it arrives. If there are any specific things you would like me to look at please ask and I will do my best to check them out. There will be some things I am unable to do, such as check out the Roomba sensors on the two way serial (since I don't have a Roomba) but if it's something I can check out I will add it to the list.
@Rich, your having way too much fun. ;) I can feel your excitement. We're lucky to have you back on the job. Are you placing the rest of your life on hold like the rest of us when the package arrives?

If you get your before me I'd like to know if the cool little heartbeat LED light is still on the V4. I love that little pulse when the EZB's not connected.
Hey guys,

Specs are definitely on their way, the complete datasheet is still being worked on and will be available soon along with some tutorial videos to get you started. We hope to have them for you before the EZ-Bs arrive at your door.

Although @Rich is correct that both the I2C ports and ADC can handle 5V logic, they are natively designed for 3.3VDC logic. At the I2C ports and the ADC power rail 3.3VDC is supplied.

Sorry Dave the heartbeat LED is no longer there but as always you can add your own, actually it's even easier now, there are current limiting resistors on all the digital ports so you can hook up an LED directly from an I/O to Gnd and you are on your way!

Some other helpful info:

- Voltage input is 4.5VDC min to a max of 16VDC.
- 3.3VDC switching power supply can continuously output up to 1A.
@skater_j10 thanks for info. Also looking forward new videos and datasheet.