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Ezb To Control Adruino

Anyone have any idea if it's possible to fire an Adruino routine using just 1 digital signal pin of the EZB. I have a Arduino doing a simple little servo routine with 10 small servos, and don't what to waste 10 output pins of my EZB. Looking for the output of the EZB to signal the Arduino to start, just like pushing the reset button on it. I could always start it with a small relay, but wondering if there's a more direct approach.

Thanks, Don :)


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Simply setting the ez-bs digital pin on would create a sort of "switch". All you have to do is connect it to a pin on the arduino that you can monitor a voltage from, or can detect high or low.


You can also use any digital port to send serial commands or use one of the UARTs (dedicated UART header, or digital D5tx D6rx or D18tx D19rx) for 2 way communication.

Here is one thread with pretty detailed instructions.



Great - thanks all for the info - should be able to get the results I'm looking for.



Let us know which method you wind up using. This kind of questions comes up a lot.