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Ezb Has A Nice Female Voice. The Only Problem My Robot Is Male.


EZB has a nice female voice. The only problem my robot is Male. I tried to change the voice in EZB and it stays the same. It told me at one point, I need to add the control program to windows. How do I do this? and how do I change the voice according to the EZB setting. I am selecting Voice synth Settings.




Upgrade to ARC Pro

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OK, it all works but the Gender and Age has no effect upon it. What can I do??




Mel - I think DJ has responded to this before saying that those functions don't really do anything at the moment.

I believe you can purchase a new voice for W7 but there is nothing out there for free.

Others have suggested that you use the soundboard if you want a specific voice, you could even record your own phrases and run them through a filter of some sort to give it a nice robot effect.

The only issue with the above is if you want to use the RSS feed or twitter functions.


Ok, I understand. It is for the future. Thanks for the reply. At least I know that I wasn't causing the problem. Thanks for the Reply.




Well, I have squeezed my lemons and made lemonade. I will still call the robot George which is short for George-ous. She will have blonde hair and a dress to match her voice. And, it will be interesting to say the least. I will put some boobs on her and make her feminine. She should be Entertaining and a lot of fun when I get through with her. She will be the Female of my dreams! Now, let me see. . . . Where do I find a dress? . . . . ..Ok, I will talk later,



Try Cepstral. A few years ago I checked on a voice called David and it was around $40 for a license I think. They have quite a selection and you can download free trials. The voices have adjustments so you can make it sound more robotic. I have a few wav samples but don't know if I can post it here for you to hear. I can email you the sample robot voice examples that I made if you want.

The Demos don't have the robot sound effect but here is a link to try different voices.

Cepstral Voice Forge Demos

Another site that has some pretty cool voices and lots of cool voice and sound effect tools is Screaming Bee.


MEL windows xp pro has many male voices


dont remember if it has male voice it should have it in settings its under speech tools if it has it,havent used windows 7 in long time what i found out about WINDOWS 7 why some like it ,mostly because its the lastest model,like a new trend and has more bells and whistles then WINDOWS XP PRO has but all that is not needed for robots,just like the very big robot engineers say doesnt give more speed unless you add a faster computer ,thats why NO NEW robot designs are using it but soon will change when the new WINDOWS 8 comes out,another upgrade then WINDOWS 9 another upgrade and so on

but i did found out that WINDOWS 7 GREAT FOR home computer,programming,movies and graphic programs and microsoft office


I bought some of theses voices. They are a little pricey, but you won't find better quality. With this program on my computer, I can set any one of the voices as the Windows default voice.

I have it on an XP computer. You would have to check to see if it works with Windows 7.



Hi all,

The addition of voices probably will not help you if you are just using ARC. Right now the way the control is setup it is not allowing selection of installed voices, nor can you save the configuration which has been brought up in several posts. So even if you bought a voice like AT&T naturally speaking voice (which is what I use with my Home Automation system), you would not be able to use it using ARC unless DJ changes the control....




kkeast in you have windows 7 running ,have you tried to change the voices in windows xp pro my default is a male voice,and i removed the female voices also and i get a male voice i also just check something after i post this there is settings in ARC for speech ,male ,female ,not set neutral,plus speed and if adult,child,teen and senior and more,go to speech and then settings in ARC MEL

i see in windows 7 the default is anna,here is a link to change it to male voice

changing female voice in windows 7


@ Fred,

I saw the settings in EZB, but only part of them worked. I could change the speed by speeding the voice up and also slowing it down. But, It would not let me select Male,teen,child,elderly, etc.

???? I did not quite understand the last two sentences you said there.

@kkeast, Thanks to both for the advice.


MEL use the link to change the female voice to male voice in windows 7


I went to the Link and it showed me how to change the speed, etc. But,not how to add a male voice.

Thanks Anyway. I have already decided to use the female voice.


i dont think you read it right WHERE IT SAYS TO click voice settings ,then next line is for you

1.To open Narrator click the Start button , and then, in the search box, type Narrator. In the list of results, click Narrator.

2.Click Voice Settings, and then make any of the following adjustments:

.To select a different voice, click the voice you want to use in the Select Voice box. (this you change to male ) MEL

.For a faster voice, select a number in the Set Speed list. The higher the number, the faster the voice.

.For a louder voice, select a number in the Set Volume list. The higher the number, the louder the voice.

.For a higher-pitched voice, select a number in the Set Pitch list. The higher the number, the higher the pitch. A higher-pitched voice can be easier for some people to hear.


The only selection is Microsoft Anna. she is the ONLY voice there. sorry.

thanks for your help.


that weird my dads dell computer with windows 7 has it i am glad i do not like windows 7 ,too many problems might check with microsoft why yours only have a female voice you can add other tts voices to windows 7 if only have microsoft anna then on the drop down list it will show them internet search has alot of info on this


  1. Open up your web browser. It can be any web browser, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome.
  2. Go to this address: http:
  3. Scroll down a little bit (if necessary) then click the "download" link. It will take you to Cnet.
  4. Scroll down a little bit again (if necessary) then Click the "download now" link.
  5. Follow the rest of the steps on your computer.
  6. Once Speakonia is installed, open up Speakonia. Microsoft Sam won't be on Speakonia just yet.
  7. Open back up your web browser (if your web browser was closed).
  8. Go back to this address: your web browser was closed or at another page).
  9. Scroll down a little bit (if necessary) and then click the "Microsoft Voices Mary, Sam and Mike (7.5mb)" link.
  10. Follow the rest of the steps on your computer.
  11. Once the Microsoft voices are installed, Close Speakonia (if Speakonia was still opened).
  12. Open back up Speakonia.
  13. Hooray! Microsoft Sam is now installed!


THEN GO TO STEP 8 TO GET MICROSOFT SAM near bottom of page left side


It would be nice to select any of the voices installed on the machine in either Windows 7 or XP and have them work. I use Windows 7 machines for my bots right now.....I may move them to my Home Automation Computer which is XP PRO only because I can't get my older Caller ID modem driver to work on Windows 7..but I am probably going to get a USB modem anyway.


KKEAST in windows xp pro using ARC i have both male and female voices working


Wow! Great things happen while you sleep!



MEL when you install it and have any problems ,since you are not great in programming or software let me know will help


another reason not to like WINDOWS 7,very hard to change the voices,reading the microsoft website forum and other dont like it too because some cant stand a female voice you shold be able to change to any voice like in WINDOWS XP PRO but i guess some like WINDOWS 7 to have the lastest software on the robot ,doesnt give you more speed unless you buy a faster computer for WINDOWS 7,SO YES it will be faster so far never seen any ROBOT design comming out or beening designed using WINDOWS 7 YET THEY HAVE THE VERY TOP ENGINEERS and programmers that can get WINDOWS 7 BEFORE ANYONE ELSE,some times a year before its on the market


that's what I have . . . . Windows7. The big thing about windows8 is that everyone will have a touch screen. They are moving to do away with the mouse and keyboard and use touch screen and Kinect like devices.


YOU STILL NEED SPECIAL MONITOR,i have touchscreen using windows xp pro touchscreen uses capacitance pickup on special made screens