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Ezb Diagnostics

Has anyone written or seen a diagnostic program that could verify any problems with an ezb microcontroller. I had a servo burn and want to check all the ports and processor to see if they are OK. I would not like to check each port to see if it is working properly.

Just a thought. It seems like it would be a great tool.


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@Ellis, that is an interesting thought. I'm going to put on my "test bench engineer hat" for a minute.

Back when I did hardware testing software could only take us so far for products like serial ports or motor controls, etc. So, where I worked we developed hardware to go along with our software tests and the hardware was usually LEDs that gave a visual indication that the ports of whatever we were testing via software commands was working. This is still a common practice.

Because you would like to check all your ports, I think you would want to create an LED board you could plug into the EZB to check all the ports and then a script that turns them all ON and OFF, that would take care of the digital ports.

For the Analog ports, you could come up with something similar.


Hey guys there is a diagnostic section built into the web server on each EZ-Bv4.

Connect the EZ-B's WiFi network via AP mode and then type into your browser and hit enter.


I really think the extra board is a great idea and it seems it would fairly to accomplish. This would e a great tool to check systems.

I am a little lost on ap mode. Could you help.


@Ellis To get into the diagnostic that @Jeremie recommended, click this icon in ARC

User-inserted image

Then click the Diagnostics button

User-inserted image

Regards, Frank