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Ezb Camera

Why would EZB sell a camera that is not focused? Then have a learn section that explains how to focus? Because of this I have broken my new camera that cost 59.00 and will not be in warranty.

@DJ, can you tell me if you sell a camera that is focused by EZB before shipping?



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I don't understand this question. How can the camera be in focus for every user when each camera may be used for different focal points? That's why there is a Learn section to make adjustments for each particular application because what you want your camera to see in focus may not be what someone else wants their camera to see in focus.


Not sure how to answer your reply Robot Doc. When buying any other camera from any where on the internet, all cameras are in focus.

I guess my question would be can EZB sell their new camera in focus so as not to daisy 59.00 + shipping down the drain. As I just did.

As for the learn section, I like them. However, when someone like me tries to tweet some of these thing get broken voiding the EZB warranty.

I my come a crossed upset, but I am not with EZB just my self for not knowing a camera ships out of focus.


Broken camera, do you mean the lens came off? If so, you could use hot-glue to fix it back on the board. It append to me.


@Aerius, yes the lens did pop off, when I tried to replace it that's when the camera stopped working, and yes it was turned off before trying to replace the lens.

Really, all I want to know is, can/will EZB ship their new camera focused.

Thanks everyone.


I have 4 EZ-B cameras (3 old, 1 new) , and they all came focused for close to middle distance (about 6" to 12'). If I wanted to focus on distant objects, I would need to adjuat the lens.

Note, the new camera comes with a thin plastic protective sheet that needs to be removed or everything is blurry.

One of my cameras failed a few minutes after I srarted using it, and it was replaced under warranty (by Brookstone, which is where I got it. Came with my SIX).



@Merne - from what i understand, the lens broke off by attempting to "Focus" it? The camera lenses are calibrated with a laser from the manufacturer for the distance range that Tech Guru has identified. There is text in the learn section regarding camera focus that excludes the new camera from being focused for this reason. There is glue added to the lens to prevent it from going out of focus during shipping, unlike the original camera.

So to summarize, as per the learn tutorial in question. The old camera would go out of focus because there was no glue. The new camera is glued so it cannot go out of focus, therefore not requiring manual focus.

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