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Ez-Robot.Com Back On-Line.

I'm going to check for a software update and explore the site some.:) So exited!

No software yet. Its only 10:30 Mountain Time so I guess it's a little early for the 5pm on the 2nd. Still, I'm very excited.

The office cams show them hard at work;)

It's been a busy day. Still settling into the new house, the step-son graduated today;) My new work space is coming along nicely. Found another Zune box today, looking at improving on the engineering/structural flaws of my current bot. (The move didn't treat it too well. Poor servo positioning on my part.) It's called "1ScriptPonyBoyCurtis" and it's in the incomplete robots section. It's had a lot of controls added and removed. I've messed with most of them but they are not all in my current project anymore.

I still haven't connected my US sensor that came with my ez-bC. Baby steps;) I haven't posted it in a thread because I really don't feel it's worth the space. It's nothing that hasn't been done and in this case literally can't be done right out of a/the box. And to be honest it's days are numbered. (Hopefully to less than 30). I'll be need those parts. I've a few recopies, it's just a matter of stumbling across those special ingredients.

I just got a laptop 2 days ago for EZ, all of my media is on my office pc (which is basically a file server anymore) except for a couple wallpapers and some sound bytes for the soundboard. Basically anything I decide to use for my projects I'll copy over to the laptop.

I've been trying to use the voice commands a lot with this laptop also. I scored an ear saddle microphone for 50 cents at a rummage sale. One man's junk blah yada blada;) It's been a vast improvement. I'm fairly impressed with how well voice recognition has become right out of the box. I'm still talking at it instead of to it but it's not too bad.

I still haven't found a way to get a voice other than MS Anna. Any one crack this case yet? (ooh DJ just yawned, maybe he is human. 12am at the office)

Maybe I managed to miss it but, I don't recall hearing anything about a firmware update for current ez owners. I've heard about a new smaller board but will the mini just have the current ez firmware or will there now be 2 versions? I'm assuming the former or an update.

I'd appreciate any input anyone may have on any of these subjects:)


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Our MakerBot Replicator 2 broke tonight... We need it to check a few more models. I'll take it apart tomorrow and hopefully fix it with spare parts. Might not be ready till tomorrow... I don't think I can pull an all nighter this evening:)
oh no the replicator 2! What happend? Is the extruder jammed? There is a really great upgrade on thingiverse for the extruder.
Makerbot has sent us 2 of those extruder thingies... but that's never the issue. This is our third replacement with this error.

User-inserted image

sometimes if I take the extruder all apart.. then reassemble... then it sometimes works.:)
Man @DJ I'm sorry:( You've had so much trouble with those 3d printers. And the sad part is to step up to the next, and probably not much better, level is at least twice the cost. "I don't want to say I'd do something illegal but, I would kill someone, in front of they own mama, for a" top dollar 3d printer. The whole idea is simply,? 'right'? to me. The whole concept of "make this real" is what we as humans have been pushing for. (it'll probably kill us but what ever:P )

Kudos on educational focus. +++ If your software is good then they might have 3d printers. I'm sure there's some universities that would be honored to print for you. It'd be a great educational experience.

To the problem at hand.. I know it says it supports several/multiple types of material but windows ME was going to be the next great thing in OSes.. Anyone suffer some ME years? Maybe it the same concept, maybe the material is the issue. Or maybe you have a bad batch of material and it's melting point is distorted.

Or maybe you've thought of all of that.

I wish you luck.
No great triumph is had without tribulation. $%&# makerbot.
United Kingdom
@Antron007 I use a different voice, mine come from Cereproc. Others have used different voices, I can't for the life of me think where they get them from in the USA, it begins with a C too I think... It's too early to try and remember stuff, it'll come to me later... Just google for "windows voices" or "sapi voices"

I just found some acapela voices when searching which sound really natural too, I may have to look in to them for Melvin's voice.

I don't think there is a firmware update on it's way but not sure, anything could happen I guess... Updating it is simple so whichever way it goes shouldn't be a problem.

Now to sit and wait for updates on the Revolution... Or more specifically, sit and wait for the details on the specifications for the community 3d EZ-Bits, I don't want to start designing any to find out they are too big, too small or wont work (although it'll be a while until I make anything suitable, I need to find brush up on my solidworks skills, it's been a while since I made anything in 3d).
@Rich thanks. I've been looking for days. I can not tell you what a headache it's been. There's all sorts of posts involving registry edits and command line tricks. Searching for aspi solved this in minutes. Thanks again.

Now to share in case others have had this struggle, I found what I needed at


I had to dl the SDK (SpeechSDK51.exe) and I don't know if it's necessary but I also dl the XP Voices (Sp5TTIntXP.exe)

A few notes.. The SKD doesn't unzip into a subfolder like alot of zip.exes do so make sure you unzip it to an empty folder if you don't want them mixed up with other files. I unzipped the Voices to the default location and then copied Sp5TTIntXP.Msm into C:\Windows\Speech\Engines and I have some voices now.

I suppose I could have just unzipped it to the speech engine folder. Now I have Anna, Mike, Mary, and SampleTTS Voice. The sample may be from the other attempts I've made at getting another voice. I'm not sure what works just yet, I'm just excited to see some other voices in the list.