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Ez-Robot That Learns


I am wondering if anyone has created any examples of an EZ-B robot project that learns autonomously. Something where the robot records new information to recall later?


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that's called machine learning, and it's veeery difficult to program, so i don't think the ARC will get this..
United Kingdom
It's something I plan to bring over to ARC on my Jarvis project.

Currently everything is stored in a MySQL database using other software however I will be using ARC to record some events to the database and retrieve events from the database. I have a few methods planned, the first being Telnet to read/write from another application which connects to the database. Another is to use the HTTPGet function to read/write from the database. Also I will be looking at EZ-Scripts Read/Write file commands. There is also the option to use RSS/XML.

It depends on the information you want to store I guess but once a method is in place you can pretty much store or read anything you need to.

Just some of the info that Jarvis knows;

User-inserted image
Ah yah, storing data to a database and retrieving the info would be an excellent tool for an learning application. Is this just done using the EZ-Script Read/Write command?

@cosplaying_bunny - I was not only referring to ARC projects but open to see projects using the SDK, or Matlab, or other software packages with the EZ-B controller. And there is a Coursera class on Machine Learning at coursera.com. You don't necessarily even have to come up with the learning algorithm yourself, the class gives you the algorithms so you could use them to implement into your EZ-B Project probably using Matlab or the SDK.

I am looking forward to messing around with 'learning projects' and wanted to see what is out there already. My plan is to mess around with the EZ-Script Read/Write File commands and any other ways to store data using EZ-Scripts. Then to expand past the limits of EZ-Script I will look into the SDK or using Matlab to run the data through certain algorithms and store data.
United Kingdom
Storing for most of my data isn't done within ARC since it doesn't come from ARC but I will be looking at storing data as part of my Jarvis project using one of the methods I mentioned earlier.
Wow rich, you really like Iron Man. You watched it 5 times!
hope your enjoying your holiday Dave...AND Rich..your database idea would be truly amazing and add a another feature for all robots big or small!...hmmm .....read and write command to where and how to devise a file system!
Thanks iribit58. It was amazing and fun but it's over. Been home for a week now. Only bad part was on the last day I stubbed my little toe on a beach chair on the way to the beach bar. Almost broke the damm little thing. A few rum and Cokes made the pain go away though.*cool*

Rich's ideas and work are great. He's so far ahead of the curve on this stuff. We're really lucky to have him around and lick that he's willing to be so helpful. :)
United Kingdom
Rich, we use a MySQL server for the Ai core learning on the AIMEC robots, whats neat about this is that different design team members are teaching the core different things, but all connected robots then have this knowledge.
United Kingdom
I recall DJ mentioning databases a while back in a topic however can't remember where that went. But, it would be a nice add-on (at least for me) if MySQL database access was built in to ARC.

Currently my method is very crude and slow for sending/receiving data (httpget & php web pages which fetch the data. FileWrite, EventGhost's file watching plugin and python scripts to write the data). I intend to look at it closer at some point, possibly using better methods - if I can get Telnet working with EventGhost that would clean it up a lot, I've not looked in to that at all yet but confident that it could work very well to bridge the gap.

My main problem with the SQL was when I had no internet it would kill everything in my house, something to do with IP Lookups or something if memory serves me correctly. I know I had to turn something off but I wasn't paying much attention when I did it.

But it's an awesome way for everything (robots, web pages and other software) to know everything and share the "knowledge". And that's just given me an idea of using it so Melvin knows where Jarvis is and vice versa:)
+1 for reading and writing to a database from ARC!