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Ez-Robot Rebooting Every Time I Use A Servo

Hello Everyone,

I require assistance once again and I apologize for bothering you, but I have yet another problem. I go to keyboard control and set the w key to Servo(D13,25). I press w and the servo moves but then my EZ-Bv4 restarts and reconnects every time I do this.

Thanks in advance,



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Nevermind, sorry everyone it seems that it was just the batterys I was using.


Usually the kind of problem you described is a power issue. It is called browning out.


Your problem was the battery was not giving enough power to the ez-b, and the servo pulled to much power through the ez-b and caused a "brown out". If you charged the battery it probably worked, right? If you overload your ez-b, you can wire the servo power wires right up to the battery.