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Ez-Robot Platform

i was looking at some robot platoforms and i started wondering why doesnt ez-robot have their own platform? so my idea is for ez-robot to make a platform desighned specificaly for the ez-robot kit

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"Robot Revolution" ;)
Something like that....;)
Robotdude11 must be getting warmer! just one more clue DJ! wheeled or tracked?
Both, and a few more. LOL, you're going to get me in trouble! I'm not supposed to talk about it yet
Legs, tracks, wheels, and blades
Last thread I read about Revolution talked about 3D printers, replicators and AI... Now it have legs and blades,... maybe wings?

Damn! We are so close...
I think the Replicator is used for its prototype robot platoforms ... :)
It's hard because there is so little I can say... Yet I am so full of excitement! All of you mean a lot to me. You'll be the first to know, I promise:)

But keep guessing! You never know... one of your ideas will end up in Revolution
Perhaps a "prize" could be awarded to the person who guess's the new platform, or at least an accolade! A "reveal" date would be very cool and something we all could look forward to!:)
lol and maybe a free ez-robot kit for guessing?;) jk
I think the Revolution will be us, the users. We come up with the ideas and
DJ prints them on the 3D replicator for us to all buy/share and integrate into
our EZ-B builds..
United Kingdom
I think the revolution is that DJ has embedded code in the EZ software so he can take over all of our robots, creating a robot army to revolt against humans and take over the world...:D
@RichMR2 I think you are on to something with that idea....:D
Here is a simple printed object to start off with. Custom risers in various heights (2"-8") which can screw into the existing holes of the bot. Depending on printer size this may need to be done in 2-4 parts.

Hmmm. Should we start a new thread just for ideas on printed objects?
Ha ha , a Giant Countdown timer should be on the front page to tease every customer to the reveal date:)
Maybe a bottom and top plexiglass protector to prevent things from touching ezb , like curious fingers.
I believe Toyota and Nissan are already doing that with the prius and Leaf. One day they are all going to turn on us and Japan will finally win Ww2. ;)

(says someone in a two Prius household)
Remember this old thread?:D
It's now a reality!