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Ez-Robot Developer Kit "Houston We Have A Question"


DHL just delivered my ez-Robot Developer Kit.. after opening the kit and inspecting everything thing seems to look good.. decided to try an connect the power adapter head to the ez-board platform.. "its to Big" it wont fit? the adapter head was in a bad with numbers on it that read "Top LLF001101/botttom 21040809", I'm going to hit a radio shack to pick on up but need to know the spec on it.. can someone help me out.. with the correct size?
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That's weird. Can you post a picture of the connector you did get?
United Kingdom
Follow the lessons in the learn section.

These cover the developers kit and the EZ-B explaining what each part is, does and what goes where.

Your user info shows no lessons have been marked as complete. It's really a prerequisite if you don't want to have problems or cause any damage.

As Justin has said, post a photo of the problem parts and we can advise you (however I do strongly suggest going through the lessons)
Ok, so went through the training..;) I need a "2.1mm Barrel Jack Center" inwhich in the one shipped with my KIT was incorrect.. might want to check with Q.A.
United Kingdom
It looks to be the right size to me. What size is the one which was shipped?

It surprises me since it's very difficult (at least I've found it difficult) to get anything but a 2.1mm
I see what it suppose to be but the Connector wont fit.. I'm not going to try and force it... learned that lesson 30 yrs ago.. if it don't fit, it don't fit.. lol.. off to Radio Shack I go...

Okay! Now we can see - that is indeed the wrong sized connector:) Wonder how that happened...

Our engineer just looked and he thinks the barrel jack isn't "wrong" - it is a defective barrel jack. He feels it was a manufacture defective on that particular part.
so getting a jacket from radio shack Is that okay or should I be waiting for a exchange for a new one
I would think it would be ok... They are only a buck or two... As long as it fits and you have the polarity correct you should be fine...
Just tossing the questions out to DJ, do you think the male end has the defect or the female end?

@Morbeious I'm sure the local RadioShack would have a plug to meet your needs (if you did not want to wait). I'd bring the EZb with you to make sure what you buy fits (if not you can return it).

Also I have extra 2.1mm plugs with the screw terminal ends that I checked and fit in my EZbv4 powerbase. I could mail you one if you would like? My email is weyoun7ster@gmail.com.
Thanks , but I have no issues with picking one up local, if I search trough my junk I might find on too.. Just faster going to the shack.. Plus its all part of the hobby
the one he has the inside off the plug is much bigger.
the pic is the good one.

User-inserted image
Problem solved, I picked up Part #274-1568 Size L Coaxial DC Power Plug at Radio Shack.. Barrel sized was 5.0mm O.D. x 2.5mm solder-type terminal they didn't carrier the screw type.. But it works fine.. for those that end up in the same situation.. cost $3.49:)
I'm glad you calmly sorted this problem out for yourself @Morbeious, it's sometimes easier & quicker that way!
Looks like you might have a non-standard socket in the power base. QA, as you stated earlier.
I use 2.5mm charging jacks for the Roomba R2 and R3 models as well as the EZB(4).
I think @Morbeious deserves a Store Credit for solving this problem which has now been called a manufacturing error in a separate thread of the same issue by @Richard R "New Ezb4 Centre Power Pin Changed Diameter? "