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Ez-Robot Camers Weight

looking to mount an ez-robot camera on an ar drone. need the weight to see if it can be done.

Pop the back off of the case and pull the camera PCB out. Without the case the camera is very very light and 100 percent operational without the case. Remove the antenna and insert a solid core wire about 1.5 inches long and that can be your lightweight antenna alternative. You could remove the lipo battery and wire directly to your drone but personally i would prefer a different battery for the camera. That should work for any quad rotor bigger than 8 inches across.:) - Josh S
ok. thanks Josh. I think that's what ill do.

my drone however is not build to lift weight so I need it light.

also, i'm going to add the ez-b and ultrasonic distance sensors to do the collision setup.(probably ez-mini when it comes out)
You might want to consider building your own quad rotor once you get the hang of the at drone. Its so popular lots of cheap motors and ESC are available to plug directly to ezb. Building your own will give a lot more wiggle room for payload as the are drone has a very minimalistic design like many premade flying toys. Doing your own quadrotor means you can use slightly higher torque motors and do things like use a three blade prop instead of two for about 20 percent more lift.
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I believe flying robots will be part of the revolution;)
@jstarne1, I think that will be what I do next.

I may just take ar drone parts and piece them together like the actual ar drone but no casing or any thing