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Ez-Robot Camera Casing


this may be a dumb question but
Any tips on how to remove the Ez-Robot camera out of its casing? the video makes it look way too easy ha ha ha ......

do I need to heat up the glue that seals the black and blue pieces together or is there another screw somewhere I missed?

cause Im chewing up the back end of the camera with a small screw driver....ha ha ha


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@GotRobbed - I really had to work at mine too. Someone likes the hot glue gun a little too much haha. There is no other screw, just the glue...hey, that rhymes.
YES!!!! alot of glue and prying. I lost a mini screw driver in the fight but managed to get it apart without damage..

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

look at all that glue

User-inserted image
They must be inconsistent in the amount of glue used. I pulled mine open by hand with just a touch of a knife blade to one edge to start it out. I am not even sure I want to use mine out of the case, but I wanted to see how easy it would be if I decide to go that route (I think my big bot is actually going to use an IR web cam as his main vision source and I may just use the EZ-B cam for a home security device).

United Kingdom
The first time I went to unplug the USB cable on mine, the case went one way, and the USB cable and the camera innards went the other. Guess the glue man was on a break when the assembled mine!
Hey Steve Burkett same here! I was lol ing everybody that wanted to take theirs apart and mine fell apart. That's ok by me though because on the next robot I want to build I won't use the case. It is a really nice camera though for what we use then for. J.W.:)
You can heat it up with a hair dryer. might help. I stuck a flathead screw driver in the front between teh plastic and metal case and twist.