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Ez-Robot Board Availablility

Not really sure where to post this, so I hope that this is the right place. I have two questions. First are any of the Version 3 boards still available as I have one and would like to get one to use as a back up in case something happens to the one I am currently using. If it is still available, how do I go about ordering one and what would the cost be.

Second. I do not see were you can order just the EZ-B Version 4 board separately from the Robot Kits. Is this possible and how do I go about that and what is the cost of just the Controller as It will be used in a Robot of my design.

Thanks in advance.

Dan Stuettgen R6-D1 and Mind Munchie Builder


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The V3 is discontinued, you will only get a used one now. Prices will vary. Availability will also vary. Someone may respond here to offer one, short of that eBay etc. may have some.

The v4 only is here and is $99 plus shipping, tax and duty.


Hi Dan,

We don't sell the v3 board anymore, sorry! But sometimes it can pop up on sites like ebay if you really want one.

You can buy the v4 board here. It's in the DIY category in the shop.

Hope this helps! :)


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EZB3 have been discontinued for over a year... Your only chance of getting one is used.... Maybe someone here is selling one?.... However, I would encourage you to consider getting the new V4.... Although no timeline has been mentioned... sooner than later support for the V3 will end.... I am sure it will be announced well in advance, though.... There are other reasons to get the v4... primarily it is seriously a far superior controller in every way....


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Thanks Guys and Ladies for the information. I had not thought about looking under the DIY tag for the price and to order it. I did notice that it says that it won't be available for a month, so I guess it is still in the pre-production stage.

I will check ebay then to see if I can find a used one of the Version 3, as I don't want to have to change the current electronics setup if I can help it. Everything is working like I want it to and since it isn't broke, I see no reason to change anything.

Thanks again

Dan Stuettgen. R6-D1 and Mind Munchie Builder


The EZB4 has already begun shipping... There is a little bit of an order backlog to contend with still.... But they are available now....


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droidmech2002, I have a used one I'd sell, Actually I have 3 of them. I've done a little soldering on them (I removed and replaced the power jack connector) but it is quality work. Contact me if interested and we can talk more. e-mail address below. I can send pics also.

Dave Schulpius dschulpius at wi dot rr dot com