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United Arab Emr

preparing for the big Event :)

United Kingdom

DJ responded to a similar question earlier, if no movement is detected they turn off to save bandwidth, no point watching a camera showing nothing going on.


ok that make sense. So pumped to watch the presentation!


ITS WORKING NOW,i see they put the the food out,dont see any pretty ladies like DJ's secretary.

United Kingdom

I'll be sleeping during the presentation:( It's like the middle of the night over here when that happens...

Looks like the cameras are back and a bit of a shift around with furniture :)


Why need sleep,robots are more fun to build then sleeping.


yea noticed that. for some reason it says the last post was made by robot_maker, but he's not even on this topic.

United Kingdom

I expect he is, but he was made into a ghost user when the site got it's upgrade. If you read the site rules it explains ghost users. Basically a ghost user is one whose posts are not displayed by default due to a number of factors, disruption, breaking rules, abusiveness etc. you get the idea. You must manually set your settings to display these users posts since, well, there is good reason for them to be hidden. Enable them at your own discretion but remember most users will not see the posts so if you reply it may look odd. In many cases it's also wise to take those ghosted posts with a pinch of salt.


TECHNOPRO still hear as a ghost user and soon will be back on the forum,soon my posts i did as a ghost user will show up.

Did so many robots building ,whats great as a ghost user i have more time to work on robots and designs ,and will have a lot of photos over 30 as of today to post,so it will be pretty soon.

United Kingdom

I think you are slightly late dude. But I did post a link to the youtube video earlier (I've not watched or heard it yet, I've been at work for the last 5 or 6 hours)