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Ez-Mip Almost Reddy

just waiting for the arms ,inverted pendulum and maybe ping sensor.
the arms arive monday.i think i can move the mip just with his head.
head forwart mip will go forwart,same for backwarts.


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United Kingdom
That should be pretty cool when you're finished. I guess that will be something for you to do when you come out of hospital. I fogot to ask on your other thread, when are you going in?
it can be this week thats comming or week after.

the camera is really good and voice to.
United Kingdom
Yeah, the voice and camera feed was very clear in the video. I look forward to seeing your mip when you finish building it.:)
am looking for the speed to control bolt wheels.cant seem to find that
United Kingdom
It looks like it but I want to be sure, are you using continuious rotation servos for the wheels?
United Kingdom
If I remember correctly, doesn't the "Continuous servo Movement Panel" have speed control? I'm not near a computer right now so I can't check.
i though so to.but i dont see it.i check again.
It does... you have to adjust the servo values in the continuous servo movement control the closer the value is to 108 (which should be stop) the slower the servo will spin.... decrease the forward value from 180 and increase the reverse value from 1
United Kingdom
Cool. I thought it did but I havn't used that control for ages. Thanks Richard.:)

ah now i understand.

thats why test buttons are there.