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Hey DJ,

I've got a cool idea assuming the IC on the EZ-B is a Pic18F97j60:

Could i design a EZ-Mini that uses the SMD version of the IC?

If you could provide me with the schematic (don't need the PIC code) i could design a example.

What do you think?:D


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We already have one:) kudos to the idea! We are slowly getting out shipping and inventory sorted out with the new manufacturer. Once that happens we have many addons. Just takes time:(
Ez mini , lol sounds like a brand name to me. If its possible to have the same features in a smaller package that would be great.
Sneak peek?:D
yeah sneak peek !!
i also have the same idea,i ask about ,on selling the chip pre programed ,its pretty easy to make only 4 caps a 40 mhz crystal and the chip is PIC18F4685

i design a few microcontroller circuits,i think you need DJ bootloader to load the code
but like parallax and others they sell surface mount pre programmed and through hole 40 pin chips
so DJ how about selling them too,others can make customs boards with them

DJ right now can you sell the pre-programmed 40 pin chip

also NIEK you dont need a schematic ,circuit super simple or can draw you one
for surface mount full part # PIC18F4685 I/PT , for through hole PIC18F4685 I/P

I know,

I've also designed multiple schematics and boards i just need the firmware for the EZ-B..
you said in the first post you dont need the code and only need the schematic ,are you in to programming

mostly what i can do besides designing very high precision test equpment ,is whats called backwards engineering,
looking at a circuit and ,get data on chips and working out the design they use
know matter high tech the circuit is
just need the data sheet on PIC18F4685 and rest is very easy

getting the firmware is easy,EZ-ROBOT site has that,only problem is whats needed is the bootloader
bootloader is for to make it easy to update the firmware