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I think we need to stage an EZ-Con where everyone brings their robots and we get to meet DJ and his staff. Maybe get some vendors to sponsor who can set up their tables and sell stuff that DJ doesn't carry. It could be great way to show off stuff, get ideas, and share information. Plus meet folks we have only talked to electronically.

Just an idea.


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I love it. And I would love to take another vacation in Banff (just up the road from Calgary, had my honeymoon there 20 years ago).

That's a brilliant idea!! I wonder how we can arrange that. it would be neat if we could piggy back on something larger - like maker faire. that'd be awesome! impress the world with a collection of our bots running around:)
Maybe something central US like if they do a big Maker Faire in Chicago or Dallas - major air hubs, Chicago is also easy to get to by train, and probably easier to get a bot on a train than a plane - I work for Amtrak:)

Yea I would definitely come , I'm sure rc companys would come. Also robot manufacturers ,irobot , Monroe tronics , robot store , maybe even someone who competes in battle bots (robot wars) could Be a guest? Anykind of comicon /sci fit it may be a.hit too
I like the idea of piggy-backing on some kind of existing con or event. I have been involved in putting on festivals and I know people who are involved in cons, and they are a huge amount of work, and a lot of money (with a huge amount of financial risk). Not something for a small start-up company like EZ-Robot to take on this early in their life. Could be a huge success, or could bankrupt them.

Buster is going to have to loose some weight.
Lol I would probably have my bot sitting upright in passanger seat with seatbelt on (safety first kids!) Just to freakout the other drivers lol. I'm all about having a booth at a event or somthing , that way we all have other booths/events going on there for all of us to enjoy. I know the holy grail of shows is anything.that.happens in las vegas
I think a Canadian showing in Calgary would be a great idea only how do we convince a 1 million pop. cow town that robots are cool! *sick*
Well how do you guys feel about coming up to Calgary on April 27-29? The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo is happening that weekend and maybe you guys can convince DJ to rent a table. I think it might be a bit more convenient for him to pack up his robots for a 15 minute drive rather than trying to fly (or drive) the entourage across the continent:D

Oh and did I mention that Banff is only an hour away? Think about it!
Skater, what a good idea!! Calgary Comic is awesome. I had no idea. I'll look into it tomorrow!
Oh, man... weekend before or weekend after would have been no problem for me. And what a great idea. I'll have to see if I can juggle my schedule and make it, but it will be tough. Next year though.....
what would be the exact dates on the event?

I need to schedule some time off......

woooo....... airfare......eeewww........hmmmmmm
We could carpool gotrobbed lol
Im coming from New Jersey/New York
Tennessee , for me , I have aunt in danbury ctrl
From me to you , to EZ-Con(Calgary) it will take 2 day and 3 hours ..... *tired*

But I really like to meet Amanda Tapping:D :D *blush* :D ;)

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Indeed a great idea ! Even though I'm coming from Europe I would still like to come over. April is pretty soon I guess, unless it's in April 2013. Let's hope the Maya's miscalculated and we're still around...
I think the Mayans just ran out of room on the rock, at least that's what I'm counting on. I agree that this April is pretty soon for me. I was hoping more in the Fall. But Amanda Tapping...........
Sorry guys it is in April 2012, but there's always potential to meet anually as the Calgary comic con happens every year!
Man i totally like this idea!