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Ez-Bv4/2 Vs Ez-Bv4

Can someone explain the difference between the EZ-Bv4 and EZ-Bv4/2 and how to check your EZ-B for what model it is?

I am setting up two wifi networks as recommended in tutorials. I think my ip addresses are the same. It shows how to change ip address on EZ-Bv4/2. Will that also work for the EZ-Bv4 also?


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Thanks Richard.

Can two wifi adapters work without upgade to version /2?
If you put them EZ-B's in client mode, you can run 255 in the same instance of EZ-B. If you leave them in AP mode, then you need a separate WiFi adapter on your PC per EZ-B, and each needs to be configured with a different default IP address. I don't recall if the pre /2 can have a different default IP address, but pretty sure it can.


If you have both EZBs in AP mode, each EZB will handle different networks but the network address is the same.

you can't have your desktop (EZBuilder) connected to multiple wifis with the same network address.

If you connect both EZBs in client mode you can connect to both at same time.

Regarding V 4/2 you have another option:
Wi-Fi Chain-able
one EZB in AP mode, and the second EZB client mode connected to the first EZB network.

Did the plugin helped your BT issue ?


I don't recall if the pre /2 can have a different default IP address, but pretty sure it can.

You can't

User-inserted image


User-inserted image


You can't

Thanks for the confirmation. That also means that if you go with the multiple WiFi adapter's in the pC route even with one EZ-B to provide simultaneous internet access and EZ-B AP mode access, you may need to change your default router IP address since many routers default to the same IP as the EZ-B.