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Ez-Bv4/2 3.3 Volt Digital Output Max Sink And Source Currents?

Looked around forum a bit and looked at the ez-bV4/2 data sheet but haven't found the max source and sink currents for the 3.3 volt digital output pins (each pin). Any clarification on this would be much appreciated. In order to calculate the base resistor between 3.3 volt digital output pin of ezb controller and the base of the transistor one should know the max source and sink currents of each 3.3 volt digital output. Thanks much ! Rick


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I believe each port can handle up to 20ma. That's the number I use, anyways.


Look at data sheet for STM32F205


Thanks Cardboard Hacker and DJ......Rick


Hey guys it's 10mA, limited by the resistor inline with each digital pin.


Thanks for the clarification Jeremie....Rick