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Ez-Buildet Anf Acer W3 Cameras

Does anyone with an Acer W3 use the built in cameras with EZ-Bulder? I just picked one up to be my embedded robot brain, and when I try to use either camera I get an error at any resolution.

The cameras do work in EZ Face and the built in camera apps. Interestingly, the first time I used the built in app it asked permission to access the camera. ARC did nit and I can't figure out how to grant it (this is my first experience with Windows 8.1 and so far I am not impressed, at least on a touch screen only device). I am nit surre if the permission thing is relevant since the cams work in EZ Face.

Below is the error when running ARC as administrator. Much smaller message when running as user:

3/8/2014 11:20 AM - Error Initializing Camera: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004005): Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component. at System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHRInternal(Int32 errorCode, IntPtr errorInfo) at System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHR(Int32 errorCode) at .(IAMStreamConfig , String , Object ) at .(Size ) at EZ_B.Camera.StartCamera(ValuePair videoCaptureDevice, Control processedPreviewControl, Control realtimePreviewControl, Int32 captureWidth, Int32 captureHeight). Resolution: 640x480



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I have the same error on my W3. I've not really looked in to it since I don't plan to use the cameras on the W3 but thought you may like to know it's not just you:)


Thanks Rich. I am probably not going to be using them either since they are pretty crappy cameras, but my W3 didn't come with the USB adapter so I wanted to play with it until I can connect the night vision camera I will be using in the robot (along with probably the new EZ-B camera).




I too use a W3 but I hooked up a USB hub to get more inputs. I'm using a hacked webcam for my Doombot.

User-inserted image


I'll definitely be using a usb hub as soon as the adapter I just ordered arrives.




I like the base set up... I may try that on my InMoov project since they have not designed legs for it yet.



Yeah it is pretty stable. Even when the top is tilting forward. The black box is the subwoofer for the speakers.

I thought I saw someone making feet for the InMoov?


I forgot to mention in my reply. Doombot is looking terrifyingly awesome.




Yes I saw the feet but that is long way from connecting to main torso. Also stability will be a big issue. This is not a small robot even though made with plastic parts. I bet it will weigh in about 50 lbs. when completed with legs.. maybe even more.

That is why a may go a different direction with legs. Maybe something along the same way you did it.