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Ez-Builder Requirements

just wanted to know the requirements. searched but came up empty handed so I figured repost.

United Kingdom
Really it depends on what you have in your project. You could run a simple script or a Movement Panel with a very low spec PC. But the more scripts you have running at one time, and the more controls will increase the requirements.

A good rule of thumb is at least 2Gb of RAM, ideally 4Gb, preferably as much as the motherboard will physically take. A decent speed CPU, I'd say a minimum of 2Ghz dual core. Windows 7 or Windows 8 - both I believe have higher requirements than what I've just stated anyway.

My test machine (my HTPC, which probably wasn't a good idea) and rocks a 4 core 2.7Ghz CPU, 4Gb RAM (32 bit so only 3.25Gb usable), Windows 7 Ultimate. It runs slow and isn't quite good enough for Melvin when running autonomously.

My other test machine is my laptop which is 2Ghz dual core, 3Gb RAM, Windows 8. Strangely this runs Melvin better but I assume it's due to a lot less being installed on it.

I plan to use my little nettop to run him once he is done. It's around the same spec as the laptop (slightly better CPU though, 3Ghz quad core I think) but with optimisation I am sure it will be perfectly fine, it may need a bit more RAM thrown at it (can accept 16Gb).
Thanks Rich for the requirement insight..:)