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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Ez-Bit Heavy Duty Servo Does Not Fit Kit Servo


I just printed the EZ-Bit Heavy Duty servo 90degrees. Then I tried fitting it to the EZ-Robot servos that came with the kit and it does not fit. I was under the impression since there where no EZ-Bit brackets for the standard servo that this EZ-Bit would fit.

Are the dimensions of the heavy duty servo different from the kit servo?
If so then why is there no EZ-Bit for the standard servo thats comes with the kit?



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Well I already saw that 3D model in the library, its just a 3D model of the standard kit servo.

I already have the standard servo that came with the kit and the Heavy Duty EZ-Bit I printed does not fit it.

Are the dimensions of the heavy duty servo different from the kit servo?
If so then why is there no EZ-Bit for the Standard servo thats comes with the kit?
I don't know anything about 3d printing but can you load the stls in the printers software check the dimensions in there? Maybe they're off. I've had a few stl import issues into ARC. My sketchup stl exports didn't import properly so I had to switch to 123d Design.
Well I think the EZ-Bit printed the right dimension, my hunch is that the heavy duty servo EZ-Bit does not fit the Standard Servo.

Thats why I wanted to confirm. And also was wondering why there is no EZ-Bit to fit the standard servo that comes with the kit?
Thanks DJ for the clarification

@antron007 have you downloaded the beta auto desk 123d , they fixed some glitches the standard version had and I really like the user interface better.
@jstarne1 I'll have to check. I just dled it to start working with Ez-Bits a few weeks ago. Just to be clear, you are talking beta right? I think I have the current stable. I'll check for an update or find the beta when I get home this evening. Thanks.

@DJ Thanks for forthcoming brackets;)
Yes the beta. The original appears to have some bugs in a few controls.
@Josh, I'm going to hunt it down now. 123D is a resource hog and has crashed on me a few times but other than that I'm digging it.
United Kingdom
Really? It's only crashed on me twice (both times while doing the exact same thing - selecting multiple (around 30) circle sketches for extruding)

Have you tried the online version through Chrome? It's how I made the text inside my MG90s servo since text isn't in the current stable release (not sure about the beta, I was unaware of it until now).
Well, I had a bunch of stuff running so I'm not complaining it crashed. I know how it happened;) Beta9 is no loner available:( Anyone have any links to a copy floating around the net? AutoDesk no longer has it on their site.

No I haven't tried it through chrome yet. I'll have to check that out. Thanks @Rich!
Standard EZ-Robot servo brackets are now in the EZ-Cloud. Sync your library