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Asked — Edited

Ez-Bit Feature Requests.

Hey EZ-Robot. It would be great if we could edit the EZ-Bits we create. Example, I didn't proof read my description so I had to re-create the EZ-Bit. So now I have 2 uploaded to my library and one I no longer need. And while I can delete it from my local library, it's still in my "on-line" library. Which brings me to request #2. It would be nice if we could delete EZ-Bits from the cloud so even if editing them isn't an option, we could at least get rid of duplicates that will be re-downloaded every time we sync up. Or Request 3, give us the options of what bits we want to download during sync.

I added the JD and Six bodies for the v3 to my cloud. They aren't certified but I created them from the original .stl files I saved before the recent upgrade/update to the new, super nice looking, v4 bits.

Thanks guys,


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It sure is on the list of to-do!:)
Hey DJ...
Could you give us a few hints on what's on the to-do list?;)
Yeah! Maybe give us a tease or sneak peak on some future ezb features or ideas that may be in the pipe....?;)