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Ez-Bit Extension Cube

I need 1 ez-bit extension cube for my roli. I haven't been able to find one in any of the listed retail stores in the U.S.A. and I don't think I want to get it from China for $20 shipping charge. So, is my only option is to have someone in the comunity print me one, and can I have it done for $5 + reasonable shipping costs? I'm just a little fustrated that parts are not readily available.


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if you by only one cube,the chipping cost will be always high.

i dont know iff this allreddy up and running.

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Tony, email me your mailing address (my email is in my profile). I have a spare already in the US. I'll just replace it when I order some other parts once the new accelerometer is in the shop so shipping won't be an issue.

We have talked a few times about group buys until US retailers are fully stocked, when I place my next order, I'll start a thread to let people add on.



I forgot to mention I would like to be a part of this in my email.

Bag of Bits may take a while..LOL



That's understandable tony. It has been. Difficult process convincing resellers to carry bits. We even have little baggies for the parts to make it easier... They're still not biting.


As soon as the accelerometer and compass are in the shop, I'll be putting together an order, and I'll post an invite for a group buy to reduce shipping costs (at the expense of a couple of extra days for me to re-pack and ship parts to recipients).

Start thinking about what you need now:)



Alan, I emailed you my address. I appreciate you doing this very much:)


That is an awesome idea Alan! I just emailed you as well. Thank for you for doing this!


For all interested, I'll post a new thread with the title "USA Group Buy" once the items I want to order are in the store and provide instructions for participating.

Tony and Justin, I replied to both of your emails -- Justin, I wrote a book, because I took the opportunity to ask some dotnet programming advice which I was going to post here, but is really off topic for robotics.:)