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Ez-Bit Connector Stl Not Printable?

Hi EZ-Robot. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but, I'm milking all of the STL files from ARC and I notice the EZ-Bit connector for the Rotational servo is marked not printable. It is also not available to download from the website either.

This used to be and, I feel, should be a printable part. Was this intentional or just a woopsie;)

Anyway, I just wanted to point this out in case it needs changed.:)

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It's unprintable because of the hook design. The printer prints in open air causing the plastic to sag and misshapen. Unless you set up a support perfectly, it wouldn't print right. It's only moldable in a plastic mold because the support is there.


Good catch, your right this part should be set as 3D printable.

Different printers will have different results however we print it vertically without any supports. This way there is no overhanges to worry about. There is some bridges that could sag but this part is very small and as long as your temperatures are not to high shouldn't be an issue.


@Technopro- I printed the old ones without any issue and before I even installed a fan. That's why I wondered what had happened. But, you are correct. If one were to try to print it horizontally, like I did the first attempt, it will start trying to print into thin air once you get up to those layers. If slicer programs were just a little bit smarter, they would work from the center to the edges for things like that. Then the plastic will at least be building off of an existing edge instead of trying to spit plastic into empty space. That's pretty much how it prints globes. As Cory stated, I had to print it vertical. You would think that you'd want to use the widest side as the base but through experience I've found, that is often not the case in 3d printing.

@coryBlair - I'm glad to be of help:) I also noticed more details and the teeth for servos to grip into in the new stl(s) as well. Very nice. I love all of the new files like the adapter plate and extension pieces. I can't wait to try and print some of these new files.


I will modify the part to be printable when I return home tomorrow night. Good catch:)


Oh that's really neat! Thank you for sharing:)

As for the rotation servo EZ-Bit, it is marked as printable if you sync the EZ-Bit Library