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Ez-B With Wifi Module Instead Of Bluetooth Soon

Hello just wondering if there are plans to have an ez-b that will be shipped with a Wifi Module allready installed .

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I'm not sure if we'll ever do wifi installed. We haven't been able to justify it, because you lose your internet capability when connecting to the EZ-B if it's wifi. You'll lose cloud, help, and your local internet ability. Plus we have a few online/community features being developed.

We might do an optional wifi adapter.... maybe.

In the meantime, you can easiliy use the one we recommend in the hardware tutorials section. Tutorials -> Hardware


Hi DJ,

Are you sure? EZ-B is still going to be connecting to a COM port on your host (ARC Machine) if you use the Elechouse wifi solution. It will never know the difference between bluetooth or wifi. Plus, if you put your wifi receiver on the same SSID as your internet wireless you are actually exposing your EZ B directly to the CLOUD (wow, talk about outside the box opportunities!).

Am I missing something here?

I still have not gotten the kit, but plan to get one. I need whole house coverage for my bot and Bluetooth will not work.




@kkeast Does elechouse allow configuration to connect to a network? I assumed it was ADHOC only.

You don't actually need a com port setting for the EZ-B either, you can connect via IP addresses with ARC and EZ-SDK. I added that functionality a month ago or so in preperation for mobile devices:)



Manual says it supports ADHOC and Infrastructure. It will be interesting to see how that goes.

I like the ability to add an IP address but you still need a host to convert TCP/IP to serial somehow to get to the EZB UART right?

Thanks for all the configuration options we are getting to get crazy with!;)

P.S. Is the VBscript ready yet? I have tried but it does not seem to be working yet.




You bet... Anything Wifi for microcontrollers will convert o uart

VBScript? Oh you want that?! K i'll do it tonight when i get back from my lonely valentines day dinner:D


Aww Man! Don't do well, ok, go ahead! WOO HOO! Thanks!:):)

Take Omnibot with you Dude! Have a most excellent dinner!