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Ez-B Voltage

What is the max/best voltage for a ez-b running a wall-e? A link to battery would be most appreceated(pardon my spelling).


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United Kingdom
Max voltage is around 17v
Best voltage is around 7.2v

Personally I use a 7.4v LiPo which is 8.4v fully charged, the onboard regulators do their job very well and the 6v voltage regulator I added to the battery powers the h-bridge and 6v servos nicely.

It depends what else you run in the robot, some use 12v so they can also power a netbook or mini itx board.

But for a Wall-e, you will be restricted for space so I'd say look for a good NiMh or NiCd battery pack to supply 6-7.2v or small LiPo LiIon. The main problem you will run in to though is battery life...

You could always build Wall-e's toolbox he carries and fill it with batteries though:)
I use the 6xAA battery pack that comes with the complete kit. It works great:)
yea. lol.

How would the battery charge? through the ez-b attachment? or do i need to get one with stray wires at the ends and a charging cable.

Or what type of battery adapter comes with ez kit?
What is this?
cant get the pic but it's the Alternate Power Adapter in the store. what plug is this?

Do i have to get a battery with this end if i want extra power for longer battery life but still be able to charge using a charger compadible?
United Kingdom
The power adapter plugs in to the EZB and has 2 terminals for you to connect your battery to. So the battery could be anything really (just snip off the plug that comes on it if it has one - do one wire at a time otherwise you will short it out).

But as DJ said, you get a battery holder with the kit that holds 6 batteries. 6 x 1.5v AA cells = 9v or 6 x 1.2v NiCd AA cells = 7.2v Charging could be using a standard AA battery charger (get yourself a few sets of batteries so you never have to wait around for them to charge)
ok. thanks both of you. but with another battery moded with the ez-b power adapter how would you charge it?
Oh and DJ if your still reading/following this post i have had an epic idea.
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