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Ez-B V4 Wifi Robot Controller

ez-b v4 wifi robot controller can control a robot but i doesn't need that the robot complete control after program with pc or mobile it need to control itself like an arduino uno i am searching this about 3 years stress tired can we connect this robot controller for programming to pc after can we disconnect and control without pc or mobile :(


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The short answer to your question is no. The EZ-B controller need to be connected to a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Let me explain...

What this type of connection does is to utilise the full power and features of your computer using ARC, so it does all of the heavy lifting with powerful and fast results. If you want a robot to be autonomous and not be tethered to an external computer, what you can do (if your robot has room) is install a tablet PC that runs full Windows 8 (such as an Acer W3) which will connect to the EZ-B via the WiFi connection between the EZ-B and tablet, and help do what your looking to do. Also, once you create a project using the ARC PC software create and scripts, add controls ect using a PC, you can save that project to the EZ-Robot Cloud service where you can then access the project with an Android or iOS phone or tablet.

Not to put the Arduino down at all, but using an Arduino Uno will give you limited functions and processing power, where as the EZ-B controller will give you so much more processing power (whatever your PC can produce) and ability to add multiple functions which are easy to use and ability to as many servos and sensors, and is all done over a straight PC to EZ-B WiFi "Ad-Hoc" connection, or a network "Client Mode" WiFi connection via a router which gives the ability to connect to the Internet at the same time.

I hope this information helps and hope you see why the way the EZ-B controller connects is a far better option.

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The power which the EZ-B has comes from ARC which requires a device (PC or tablet) to run. You are unable to upload code to the EZ-B and have it run without being tethered to a device.


iam having a pc - windows 7 , did the robot work after disconneting the wifi with pc.


how to connect arduino to ez-b v4


If you just want to send commands to the arduino you can use serial commands on any of the 24 digital ports on the ezb4... If you want bi-directional data you need to use one of the 3 UART ports on the ezb4.....

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To add to what @Richard R has already said in regards to Auduino, if you use the "Search" option on the top of the forum Home page and use the "Tags" such as "Tutorial" you will find a lot of information where members have hooked up an Arduino to an EZ-B. If you click here, you can go through the tutorial list and view members tutorials that might be relevant to your needs.

In answer to your other question, as I explained in post #2, the EZ-B need's to be connected to a computer. The EZ-B won't do anything after you disconnect the WiFi from your computer. It would be like disconnecting your spinal cord. Your brain (Computer) will not make your legs (EZ-B v4) move unless they are connected and communication with each other. I hope that explanation helps. ;)


how i can connect ssc-32 to ez-b v4 please help me

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It's probably best to start a new thread to ask you question in the post above, as it is a different subject to what is the thread title, and it will be easier for other members to search who may want to know the same thing.