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Ez-B V4 Not Connecting?

I'm trying to get my ez-b working. I connect to the wifi source made by the ez-b. Windows states its a limited network. When I try to connect to the webserver via ARC it says your not connected to a network in the browser. Any help? I've reseted the wifi chip and rebooted and still. I'm running windows 8.1 with the latest ARC .


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Just point your browser to and it should be the wifi config page if you've connected to the correct wifi network.


Here are the steps I take:

  1. I turn the ez-b on. It blinks the blue light slowly but continuously.
  2. I connect to the EZ-bs wifi network: EZB V4 41
  3. I open ARC. I click the circle icon. It loads the page and says Your not connected o a network. The wifi shows the ez-b as an unidentified network. 4.I try to connect to it through ARC. I get the could not connect error.

I do exactly as the getting started video shows and it doesn't work.


I can access the web server from my ipod but not the laptop.


Something in windows is not letting me access the web server. I need help to figure out what!


Like Rich has said, all you need to do after connecting to the EZB4 WiFi name is to open a web browser and put in the EZB4 IP address Don't try to connect using ARC.

That will then put you into the EZB4 webpage to change the parameters.


I type and it doesn't work. I have lots of experience with network stuff but I cnt figure out why thi isn't working. From what ive tested, windows 8.1 doesn't work with offline web servers. My router, and the ez-b's web servers don't work on it. I need to figure out why.


I discovered the problem. I had set up a static ip address config for my laptop and when it connected to the other connections they didn't know that to do. I need to end the thread, and since Rich answers almost everyones questions(great job by the way) I want to give it to robot-doc.


Thanks Technopro, I just fired up my Win 8.1 laptop/touch screen to see if it would give me trouble connecting to my EZB4 but with WiFi enabled and Airplane mode turned off it connects just fine. Glad to read you basically fixed it yourself. That seems to be a small problem with closing an open ticket. You can't close it with your own name even if you came up with the solution.