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Ez-B V4 Gear-Tray

Some here may find this of interest, here is a closeup of the ALTAIR EZ:1 robots EZ-B v4 main gear-tray. Its a tribute to the v4 (and EZ-Robot) and shows how a really complex robot can be controlled neatly by the versatile EZ-B v4 controller.

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Very professional Tony.... You must be a very patient man...:) That is meticulous and well thought out electronics....
I'll bet your work area is nice and neat too ... lol.

Always a pleasure to see your work Tony.
United Kingdom

Very neat and well laid out. I always intend for the internals of my projects to look tidy, well positioned and nicely laid out, but unlike yours, mine always seem to end up looking like spaghetti junction, lol.
Tony, I love the way everything flows! Nicely thought out. However this does not surprise me at all. I'd expect no less from you. ;)
United Kingdom
Thanks Guys! The gear-tray and neatness is needed as I need to make these robots in volume at some point so repeatability and maintenance are important. Also as the EZ:1 is a development robot the gear-tray needs to be accessed a lot to add more stuff. Here is the gear-tray installed in the EZ:1

User-inserted image

I love the name. "Gear-tray". It reminds me of a gear box where all the gears and shafts meet to make a machine work. Kind of like a transmission case of a car. :)