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Ez-B V4/2 Pcb Cad Layout

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a cad file for the EZ-B v4/2 pcb.
I am specifically looking for the dimensions and mount hole locations. An stl file isn't useful.
I want to make up a bracket to fit the EZ-B v4/2 board into the head of my Inmoov "T-One"


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I just measured mine with calipers and knocked up a design in Autodesk 123D. The CAD files would make it easier but I had no issues just measuring the board...
Yes, I was being lazy. I had seen that cad files were available on the EZ-B v4/2 product page but it was just stl files for the case.
I've made up dozens and dozens and dozens of files for the 3D printers I have designed and built but like I said, just being lazy.

Did you want to share your design Richard? I use fusion360 so it would convert easily from autodesk123.
Use the learn section, select the product, and view the datasheet


Select the 3D printing sub menu in the community section of this website. Look at the designer resources