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Ez-B V4/2 Comm Upgrade And Ez-B Iotiny

I would like to know if the comm bords of both IoTiny and the new v4/2 are the same? If yes, why does the v4 upgrade cost more than the IoTiny

Thanks Jeremiah,

Are the Bluegiga modules the ones used in IO TINY and EZB-V4/2. Am I correct in assuming from what you said in previous post that there would be considerable issues with the IO TINY and EZB Controller when located within about one foot of each other?

I want to locate both controllers on irobot create 2 so I would probably need to construct a shelving system to separate the controllers. Any other ideas on minimizing any interference would be much appreciated....Rick
I'm not promising the same results but I have two V4 EZB's (not the new /2) sitting within 6 inches of each other and have no issues that I can tell. Both attach to my network in client mode just fine and operate perfectly.

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Thanks Dave,

That surprises me, but I'm glad it works for you:) It may have to do with the strength of your router.

@rbonari The slash 2 and IoTiny both have the MxChip module on them. I haven't had a chance to do some "minimum distance of separation" tests. Maybe someone in the community has.

Would you be using client mode? [Both modules connected to a router]
It shouldn't surprise you because it's in client mode. Client mode uses the same wifi channel and the communication of all clients is synchronous, meaning they each take turn sending/receiving.

If the ez-b's were in ad-hoc mode (access point), then i would be surprised about good performance if they were all on the same channel.

A channel is a frequency the wifi "talks" on. When there are too many devices on the same channel, there will be interference.

If you were to use a bunch of ez-b's all in access-point (ad-hoc) mode, then i would recommend following the FAQ which explains how to use Wifi Info to display available wifi channels and saturation here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/FAQ.aspx#9

For best performance of multiple EZ-B's, client mode is the best - unless your network is saturated with wifi communication of too many devices. Again, this doesn't mean wifi frequency interference, this is device communication over the single wifi channel of client mode.
Thanks DJ and Jeremiah,

I will be using them in client mode and it sounds like this is a good thing. I will go with the IO TINY when they are available ( any dates?). I would like to order two.

The IO TINY sounds like a way better solution than the esp8266 for small IOT applications etc. The esp8266 has some serious WiFi connectivity issues anyway.

Jeremie, you mentioned with no other items connected to the IO TINY that the current consumption is about 70 MA. Is this true when WiFi is on and communicating in client or AP modes?......Rick


Well I did some quick measurements and found that it doesn't matter if the IoTiny is connected via AP mode or Client the current draw is the same. With these more recent measurements I found that it's actually ~50mA of draw (without peripherals).

If you started to play audio it would go up significantly higher (depending on volume) but as-is the current draw is pretty low.