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Ez-B V3 Wanted

Hi All,

I am looking to buy an EZ-B v3 and perhaps a camera and other sensors (i.e. ultrasonic) that would work with it. I am running an older version of the software and cannot use the v4. board. Does anyone have one they are willing to sell?


Jeff EZ-B v3


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Because the first time I posted it, last night, I got an error message about posting too soon for a new member (I had just posted something about 1/2 hour before). When I searched the forum for my topic, this morning, nothing appeared so I thought it had not posted and I posted it again. Unless I missed it, it would be nice if the forum gave a confirmation message that your post went through. Again, all I got was an error message.




Because the first time I posted it, last night, I got an error message about posting too soon for a new member
That must be why we are seeing less spam in the past couple of weeks. Looks like new functionality has been added to the forum and maybe some kinks still need to be worked out.



@Jaycee Hi, there! Is there a particular reason to use the older software & controller?


@Chelsea, Jeff has older Brookstone Rover he wants to control (from this thread)

If I could remember what version of software was the last the drop the Brookstone Rover I might have that and could share it with Jeff, because I was pretty sure it stuck around for a while with the v4. Do you know the last release date @Chelsea to carry the Brookstone Rover support?


Hi Chelsea and Justin,

I have a Brookstone Rover 1 (I got for $5 at a Goodwill store recently) and I was looking for a way to control it. Apparently the original app on the apple store or itunes is not available anymore and the android app (written by a 3rd party) will not work on my android devices because they will not connect to an ad hoc network (like the Rover 1).

I found a 2012 version of ARC that has the controls for the Rover 1 and it works great on my Windows 7 PC. It only has support for the EZ-b v3 and v2 and I would very much like to add some sensors (ultrasonic) and perhaps another camera to the Rover 1 so I need the v3 board.

There are 2 other reasons I might need the EZ-bv3 board. That board is bluetooth connected and the Rover uses a 2.4GHz link. I just tried a 2.4 GHz wireless camera on the Rover (in addition to the one on the Rover) and it interfered so much with the Rover's own 2.4 GHz signal that it disconnected from ARC and I could not control it. I think another 2.4 GHz transmitter so close to the Rover's own will interfere as well.

The other reason for a EZ-bv3 is that I also have a RoboQuad and I just found instructions for connecting an EZ-bv3 to the RoboQuad and using the ARC software (2012) that I have to control it.

I know that EZrobot bought back a number of the v3 boards. I sent an email to them asking if they had any they could sell but have not heard back.

If you know of any v3 boards or how I could use a v4 board given what I said above then please let me know.




Hi Jeff-

I replied to you through support before I posted here :)

@JustinRatliff I believe Windows Release 2016.02.18.02 ...(Panel removed 2016.02.20.00)...but someone I will have to confirm that...

In the meantime @Jaycee have you gone through some of the other forum posts about the rover?

-has software versions -about getting the rover operational

...there's so many threadsssss stress


I’ll chime in :)

The ezb v3 has been a deprecated product for quite sometime. There’s a return option for ezrobot credit to assist with upgrading to the very productive v4

The Brookstone Rover is not supported by ezrobot and there are no future plans to support it. The best option is to contact Brookstone, the manufacturer of that product for support.

In the meantime, check out ezrobot products in our store. We offer a number of superior products that can better assist with your robot goals.


@Jaycee are you still looking to get an EZv3? If so you can email me (you'll find my email in my profile).