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Ez-B Spacers

i notest the spacers on the ez-b two long and two the holes for these, are all four even my ez-b i got to wiggle whit to make contact. i solved like in the pic.the body is correct.

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it is correct. needed for the speaker sound.



i had less sound volume then whit the body


it will. The body has a hole where the speaker is and allows the body to act as an extension of the speaker. This does not.


i hear it better whit the spacers in. i was thinking ,you know the little holes in a wii mote? do same in chest next head of jd. would that give more sound in front?

3 tiny holes and what a diff.


I am not going to advise anyone to put holes in their robot. That is something you would have to choose to do and experiment with for yourself.


yes indeed averyone has to deside for themselves. but the result is thinking jd next gen.


@nomad... Did you drill holes in your brand new ezb4? Well there goes your warranty... Patrick, you know what happens when you mess with things you shouldn't touch... What on earth possessed you do such a thing?...


yep.i wouldn do that whit jd.


Ok Patrick, but maybe should at least get it connected and working with ARC before you give it a "Nomad custom make over"?


i have to wait some 10 days before i get the new accses point. also i bouth a 28 usb hub.and have to clean my pc. this is very minor mod,its the cover and i wanted better sound. you can hardly see the holes whits i never dril but am using,heat, to make them.