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Ez-B Questions

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this website and I think it is genius!

I have a few questions:

How can we hook up another camera and still have work with EZ-B? (Links would be nice) One with better resolution.

Can we use more than one EZ-B at the same time, what I mean is can we daisy chain?

How do we add a USB hub as you mentioned in the other videos?

Also, a tutorial on how to change the bluetooth to wifi would be great.

I apologize if I am being too forward.

Again, I am so glad to have come accross this website!!!

Please help, thanks.



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Welcome Chris! You can run up to 5 EZ-B's at once. It is in the literature. For the other stuff, there are a ton of really smart, friendly people in this forum that can help you out with that. I would post a specific topic for comment, for instance "How do you hook up a usb hub?" as one topic. I bet you will get good responses that way.

Mostly, have fun!
1) The camera is replaceable with any webcam device that is recognized by microsoft windows as such. However HD cams may not work, I have a built in HP Truevision HD webcam and it works fine along with a logtech webcam both work perfectly with ARC. However you can only use one camera control.

2) ARC is capable of running 5 ez-bs at one time, just hook up and connect to them. ARC defines not only varies ports but also to which ez-b connection, so port d1 of board 2.

3) I believe there is already a topic about the hub on the forums you can search for if not follow bret's words and create your own you'll get answers from the community.

4) For exchanging the bluetooth module for wifi there are specific controllers that must meet specs, if you look in tutorials under hardware compatables dj recommends a controller for doing such with. I have recently ordered and will be receiving the controller later today. I'll release an overview then on the controller then after I get it working. However you can replace it with an Xbee module instead, there is already a topic created for how to interface the ez-b with an Xbee module.
Thank you for answering my questions guys.

I appreciate it.

With regards to the camera, how do we take it appart like and hook it up like the camera from the kit?