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Ez-B Not Working Please Help

OK, this is what happened i turned on ez-b it worked then it stopped i tought it was out of batteries i changed them it didnt work i plugged it into wall charger it didnt work i looked on ez-b there was no burn nothing was out place there was no burn smell it was looking just like i bought it i was powering it with 11.7v lipo batteries now it doesnt work please help me what should i do

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I don't think it runs off of 12vdc. It needs to be from 6-8.4vdc if I am correct, 7.2vdc being perfect. Ask D.J. or Rich and they will let you know. I am sure they will pop up in a moment. Under tutorials, I think there is a diagnostic procedure that you can preform on it if you have a voltmeter. Hopefully, your fuse gave up it's life to protect the rest of the circuit.

hope that this helps.

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It'll run on anything from around 5v to 17v so 12v would be fine.

If the led doesn't come on you need to first check the fuse, it's probably the fuse. Then check for why the fuse went.


Ok, I stand corrected. Thank you rich.


ok i found the fuse inside yellow shrink tube i think it has burned because 2 wire between 2 metals are no longer connected now please tell me how do i fix this thanx for the quick responses by the way:D

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Check the continuity with a multimeter to check if it's blown - although it sounds like it has.

They are standard automotive fuses, any automotive store should stock them. I think it's a 5A but I haven't ever looked to be honest, it should say on it and I think the colour is an indication too, take the fuse with you and they should get you a new one the same.

Then just be cautious as to why it blew in the first place. It may pay to get a few spares too as if it blew once it may blow again until you find out why. They should be very cheap and I'd be surprised if you can buy them individually, buy a bag of 10 or so and you'll be sorted.


@Mateal , I see the community may have resolved your issue. Do you mind marking the thread as answered? Thankyou - Josh