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Ez-B & Neato Xv-11

Does any know or has worked on projects where the Neato XV-11 can be hacked and controlled similar to the Roomba system?

Not sure if it is possible or if EZ-Robot doesn't support XV-11.



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I don't think anyone has posted on here about one. There is a control called "Custom Movement Panel" under the Scripting category. If you use that, you can easily add support for the XV-11 by referencing their serial command manual.

I don't know anything about neato's command syntax or baud rate - but i'm certain you'll find it with a google search:)

The Custom Movement Panel and EZ-Script lets you interface with anything that isn't natively supported.
DJ i posted a lot of info on it and asked about a interface to ezb ,i guess your for got

Hre is the link

NEATO XV-11 interface idea for ezb

VKS there is a few links to neato xv-11 hacks and codes,will find them and post them
wow i didnt know that about the custom movement panel.

so you could type in any command that isnt in the ez-scripting making any robot possible to control?

thanks Dj.

and vks, i took a look at the website robot maker posted and it seems jammed with info.

your chances are high for this robot.
If you can get one of the early model XV-11s with Rev 113 boards, there is a blank connector strip on the main PCB that you can solder a class 1 bluetooth directly into. The pins on the PCB exactly match the BlueSmiRF Gold bluetooth device sold by Sparkfun.com. The commands to control the Neato are published and available from the NeatoRobotics.com website. It may be possible to connect the EZ-B Rx, Tx leads directly to the PCB. Comm parameters are 57,600, N, 8, 1.

Later Neato models with the Rev 64 boards do not have the PCB connector for RS232 control but the control commands can be sent with a USB to mini USB cable connected between your PC and the Neato.
YES robot-doc is correct on that info,but never seen any of the newer neato's yet and bought over 25 for parts to sell.

On the connect instead of using a bluetooth i am looking at direct connection to EZB

Also havent seen the new pcb,but i would think you might be able to find the tx connection on the ,may be i will get lucky and get one.
Last neato xv-11 i got for $50 and mostly board ,laser and lcd is good

There are 2 other website with info on the neato hack info.