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Ez-B For Sell On Ebay

found this thought someone would be interested


I guess its missing the power supply, but they have a lipo and charger up for sell too with a low voltage alarm.


Lipo charger


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Lol...ill come clean...its my ezb up for sell...just dont need it anymore
Thanks for the support @jstarne1 ! You guys are right... the challenge with buying from eBay is there is no guarentees it's in full working order. PayPal claims do work pretty well though if it comes in broken. Plus you'd be able to give the guy negative feedback which most people aren't willing to risk.
Really why don't you build a new robot... Or... Anything lol your own Jarvis home automation or even something as simple as a little head attached to your PC that bugs you all the time lol
Id rather program my on microcontroller. I find it more rewarding to build something from the ground up. But thats just me.
If nobody wants it ill just use it for parts..lol no biggie
United Kingdom
Each to their own as they say. Good luck with the sale.
I don't mean to offend anyone..I didnt know anything about the hardware side of robotics.untill I bought this so it got me pointed in the right direction. Im just more into learning programing and designing circuits now . So I thought someonelse could benifit from this ez-b.
No offense at all! Nothing wrong with experimenting to find out what your passions are. Nothing wrong with selling stuff on eBay either:) We buy a lot of our used robots from eBay and understand the risks associated. Often times the items come and aren't "as described" but we can still make them work so don't mind.

Good luck with your sale! Hope to still see you around the forums:)
I admire your honesty ,have you thought you may have a future collectors item in your posession.
I hope this doesn't mean you will leave the forum as you have made some valuable contributions
Lol..its practically new.never used it for more than 15 minutes at a time. Someone in the us might think its a good deal because if they buy a new one from ez-robot you have to pay over $30 bucks to ship from canada to the us.idk?. I have free shipping on it...lmao.. I would throw in the battery pack but it had a suffered a wrongful death..and is warped..haha
Im throwing in an ultrasonic sensor to the lucky winner.if the winnig bid is anything over $70 ill throw in a 3amp h bridge. Good luck and thanks for the interest. I bought the ez-b from sparkfun $75.00 total with shipping.
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@derrick, I understand where your coming from. I wanted to master programming also, So I switch over to EZ-B SDK, so many option C#, C++, visual studio, even matlab, all from one board. I also have arduino, raspberry pie. The problem I came across is memory limitation and micro-controller not power enough to perform the task I want. Lol can you imagine 3d image processing with an Atmega chip. Wish you luck on the auction .:)
Yeah its selling .. thank you everyone
Yay derrick, ! Too bad there's not a ezb buyback and resell program. Like with iPhone and iPads.
I WON the EZB board on ebay,so i get the 2 items for free ,sonar and h-bridge
lol, i do want to get rid of the lipo and charger? i just listed the lipo and alarm for what i payed for them. at this point i don't need them i'll do a package deal. make me an offer anyone if your interested . lol :D oh i'll just bundle them together right now and do a no reserve.
lipo and charger/ low volt alarm
The person was very nice (derrick) who sold me the ez-board it came in good condition aand i got 2 sonars and the h-bridge board plus a few cables ,i guess that makes 21 EZB's I HAVE NOW and need may be 40 more
@derrick, just bid on the lipo, it really a great deal.

@robotmaker you must spend a pretty penny on robotics. Me personally started with a budget, lol that quickly change when I really got into robotics.
@robotmaker congrats on the new EZ-Byou might have to change your name to robotcollector:) I know you ave built 5 or so robots already......but now with 21 EZ B's time to start "robotmaking" :)
@PJ dont forget to "budget" in the GF!;) At least with robot making there is something for every buget
WHAT i send on robots is unreal amount,but not worry about the cost only the fun to build robots ,it can cost $20 or $100,000 and still will buy it.

AT same more EZB you buy more you save and some companies give you free shipping over $300 (robotshop)

DERRICK the board was tested and worked great,thanks.