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Ez-B Controller Ver 4.

When the new Version of the EZ-B robot controller comes out, what Operationg system will be required for the ARC program. The Old version required Microsoft windows 7 or 8. Is this the same case. I have been looking at purchasing a Tablet and would like to know if an Android tablet would work or does it still only work with Windows OS?



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You will require a Windows 7 or higher based PC to build the projects. Once you have built it and saved it to the cloud (and optionally made the GUI) this can then be loaded in the Android or iOS versions of ARC, no PC required.

The Android version is already available however is still going through many improvements. The iOS version is expected some time after the V4 is released.

You have a couple of options available.

  1. Get a Windows based tablet such as the Acer W3, W4 etc. ARC will run on these perfectly fine (I use one). No fuss, no messing.

  2. Use a Windows 7 or higher based PC to build the project, write the scripts etc. and build any GUI you want to build (if you want to). Save this to the cloud and run it from an Android tablet. I know little about the android version so am unaware of the minimum android OS required however have had no problems running it on my HTC One X or my Acer B1.


I do believe the Android app requires at least android 4.x OS.


Like rich mentioned - you use ARC running on windows 7 or 8 to create and customize your robot. From there you're able to load that project with a custom GUI to an android device.

If you are planning on using a pre- configured build (JD, Roli, Six) you can simply load the projects straight from and android device. Minor changes can still be made using the app. As the app continues to improve more features will be added that will improve the customizability. On too of this, the sharing "apps" or robot functions through EZ-Cloud will become more seamless.


And don't forget about iOS devices as well:D


ez is availble on apple iphone too know?:D


Soon, we have a few quirks to fix first:)


Looking forward to trying out the iPhone app:)