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Try reading the battery voltage. If it's not charging you may need another battery.


There is the option of external power mod , are you sure the charger is functional?


Could it be that it's not turning on due to how long you hold the On button? The camera is very touchy as to how long you need to hold the power button to turn it on. Usually it only takes 2 seconds of holding it in to turn it on but some take a little more. Experiment with how long you hold the button down an see if you can get it to turn on.


Adding to what Dave suggested try using a usb phone charger to charge it , maybe the charger got zapped by a surge or something.


well my camera is hardwiered in so shuden it not need to charge but it is chareged


I changed my picture and my user name now it looks like this


@wall-e lover 360 ... Dude you need to re-write this sentence "well my camera is hardwiered in so shuden it not need to charge but it is charged", because I have no idea what you are saying.... confused


When I hardwired my camera, I totally removed the battery.

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As did I (along with a whole bunch of others - which is why I did).

I've seen a lot of posts about the camera and problems with it and the vast majority are due to the battery. Hard wire the camera and remove the battery. Connect the red & black (vcc and ground) of an accessory cable to the +ve and -ve terminals where the battery used to connect and I'm pretty sure that has solved all camera battery related issues.


Thank you so much rich you maid me so happy after all it was that dumb battery thanx Dante:)

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Great that it's working, not sure I deserved credit though since I only echoed what others had said but never mind, the main thing is it's working:)