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Ez-B As A Simple Switch

Can I use my EZ-B as a simple switch?
I want to trigger my camera remotely.
To activate the shutter I just need to provide a ground to the remote trigger jack on my camera. No current is required from the EZ-B. Just a switch to create a path to ground.
Is there a simple solution to this, without additional hardware?


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United Kingdom
You can. There are probably a few ways.

One would be to use the switching circuit such as the transistor or Mosfet, if no current then transistor will probably be able to be changed to a "better" one. I'm sure someone else will chime in shortly with info on the best components to use in your case.

Some hardware required but not much.
United Arab Emr
I do agree with rich and I beleive that additional HW or components are needed to keep ez-b isolated from connected circuits.
You can use optocoplers , arduino 1 chanel relay brick , reed relay or any miniature relay 5v (with diod across the coil) can do the job to trigger your switch.
You need also to control the port for proper pulse width to simulate normal key press.
I hope others also can elaborate more.
Easily use a TIP-120 transistor and a resistor... Voila:)

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