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Ez-B And Camera Resolution

Just out of curiosity, can the video input on the EZ-B handle higher resolutions than 640X480? With so many miniature HD webcams available, I was wondering if one could be adapted (provided the cabling is compatible).


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No WYSIWYG... You cannot use any other camera directly through the ezb itself ( other than the ezb camera)... If you want a better res camera you will need to buy one that works with your pc like the usb Microsoft lifecam....
Visit the manual for the camera control and read about image processing.

There is no ability to change the resolution of the ezb camera. Your option is to use a USB cam

The ezb camera is optimized for incredibly low latency (near real time) over wifi, which cannot be found in any other wifi camera. It is also optimized for auto color and saturation for image processing.

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If you want a higher resolution camera for recording video, I recommend a go pro or something that doesn't have image processing.